Chignon: many ideas to create the most fascinating collected hairstyle

The secret of the chignon's success lies in its versatility. Perfect for an elegant evening, comfortable for a sports session in the gym and practical for a whole day at the office: the chignon is, without a doubt, the collected hairstyle that adapts to any occasion, to any look and to the different seasons, both in summer and winter.

Moreover, unlike many other hairstyles, it is ideal for all hair lengths: whether you have short hair, medium length or long and thick hair, you will be able to find the bun that's right for you without difficulty.Will you choose a classic ballerina bun, a low one or a disheveled one, which has now become a trend among the social media posts of the stars? Or, if you're getting ready for a special night out, the braided or elaborate bun might be for you - even Kate Middleton can't seem to live without it anymore.

However, before discovering all the most fashionable types of the bun and how to make this hairstyle, take a look at this video, where you can find many nice ideas on the easiest and fastest hairstyles for every day:

High buns

The high chignon is one of the most famous versions of this type of hairstyle, decidedly elegant and very chic, so much so that it has long been the hairstyle most chosen by celebrities to show on the red carpet. It is suitable for those with medium hair. long, so they can be easily collected at the top of the head in one pony tail.
Once the ponytail has been made and fixed with an elastic, the best solution is to use a donut, a sponge disc of a color similar to that of your hair, to complete the work. In fact, you just need to insert the ponytail into the donut and open it around its entire circumference, until the sponge disk is all covered, giving shape to the bun.To secure the locks, use some hairpins and finally apply a spray of lacquer.

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Ballerina bun

This type of chignon is always found in the center of the head, but, roughly, just above the nape: this makes it a cross between the high and low version. Its peculiarity consists in pulling far back. the hair, so that there are no unruly locks or tufts. To do this, just spray a little hairspray on a comb or a toothbrush, then pass it in direct contact on the hair. The elegance of the ballerina bun makes it ideal for a look for an evening out with friends or for a romantic dinner, perhaps showing off a little black dress and beautiful dangling earrings, because they will be highlighted by the styling of your hair.

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Low buns

Comfortable, easy to make and perfect for everyday life: the low one is the most "classic" and the "evergreen among all the chignons. It is worn in the lower part of the head, between the base of the nape and the beginning of the neck, which is why it is also excellent for those with short hair. To achieve this, there are two ways, starting for both from a low ponytail stop from an elastic: the first, with a more jaunty effect e messy, plans to roll the hair on itself and tie it with another elastic, without hairpins. The second way, on the other hand, sees the use of the donut, following the same procedure seen for the high bun, pointing some hairpins: you will get a less casual bun with a more rigorous styling.

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Chignon for short hair

As already mentioned, we want to dispel the myth of the chignon suitable only for those with long hair: it is not true at all. In fact, it is possible to create a nice crop even with short hair, just play on the "see-no-see" effect of the length, giving more volume to your hair thanks to the use of hairpins in random order. If you are not satisfied with the result, try the donut: for short hair it is better to use a small sponge disk, which, however, will increase the volume of your hairstyle.

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Messy bun

More and more stars and influencers put on their social posts and photos that portray them in the gym or in the comfort of their home while sporting a disheveled chignon, better known as messy bun, which is confirmed among the beauty hair trend of recent years. Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner and even Meghan Markle are great supporters of the "disheveled" version: not only is it quick to make, but it is also fashionable and a must for "rescue" hairstyles when, for reasons of time, you can't to wash your hair before going out for an impromptu evening.
How to do? Brush your hair, pull it back into a ponytail with just your hands and roll it up on yourself, locking the bun with an elastic. For a more effect "messy", pinch some tufts to make it" rebellious "and leave some locks free on the sides of the head, at the height of the ears.

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Elaborate buns

Finally, here is the antithesis of messy bun: the elaborate chignon. Unlike all the others, it is not possible to create this type of hairstyle independently, because it is too complex, but you need the expert hand of a hairdresser or an expert in the sector. The most fashionable and trendy variants are the braided one and the twisted one. The first involves braiding your hair, giving vent to your imagination, and can be worn both in the upper and lower part of the head. We recommend this beautiful and refined version:

The chignon twistedinstead, it was brought into vogue by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. It consists of a very intricate crop, with numerous intertwining and knots, which make the hair decidedly voluminous. The effect of this hairstyle is extraordinary: charming and classy, ​​sporting such a bun, you will only be able to enchant all the people around you!

Kate Middleton