Beatrice Valli insulted for her post-partum form

It is not enough to be a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother. If you don't get back in shape the minute after giving birth, some users won't wait to insult you!
This is the case of Beatrice Valli, a former suitor of Men and Women, where she met her current partner Marco Fantini.
A few months ago, Beatrice gave birth to little Azzurra and in a moment of sharing she decided to post a video for her followers on Tik Tok but was harshly criticized for her post-partum fitness. An event that is repeated too often, in the world of celebrities:

"It seems surreal to me to read all these bad things, but they don't upset me. Even if we work in show business, we are humans and not Martians." the girl replies, adding "I want to tell younger girls to never change for anyone and to love each other as they are".

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"Long live women like Bea" says the companion

Immediately taking the field to defend his partner in an outburst on Instagram, Marco Fantini celebrates Bea but also all mothers and non-mothers who live their appearance with serenity, accepting every change with serenity.
We alfemminile too agree with this statement and therefore: long live all mothers and non-mothers who love each other and who, above all, do not care about gossips!

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