Shabby chic furniture: inspirations for decorating your home with this style

Furnishing a house is not easy, quite the contrary. It requires an accurate research of the furniture according to the spaces and the budget that you have available. The best choice to have a harmonious apartment in all its environments is to opt for a single style of furniture so as to decorate from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the living room following a guideline.

Today we will discover everything related to Shabby Chic furniture, one of the most popular themes of the last period.

What is the shabby chic style?

Starting from its name, this style of "furniture" says "a lot about itself. Indeed, the term shabby chic means "elegantly unkempt". It originated in the English countryside, where the houses were furnished with used and "old" furniture, with faded colors, and which gave the impression of being simple dwellings in stark contrast to the city ones.

Recently, however, shabby chic has become one of the most popular styles of furniture not only for country houses, but also for refined city apartments. With its Provencal and old-fashioned taste, it gives the house a country look. at the same time a refined and elegant design. The furniture seems to have just been dusted off from an old attic and manages to create a "vintage and romantic" atmosphere.

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The thematic colors of this type of furniture

The atmosphere of the shabby chic style must be calm and relaxing, able to transport those who are surrounded by it to a modern place where, however, the serenity of the past reigns. For this reason its characteristic colors are all pastel shades. They range from white, with shades of cream and ivory, to pink, lavender, baby blue, beige and light gray. thus a very delicate color palette.

The materials that are used also range a lot. For environments such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom, wood certainly stands out. All the wooden furniture and furnishing accessories have a particular varnish that makes them seem as if they have just been repainted with a second coat of color. Then there are fabrics of different origins, wrought iron and even porcelain.

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Shabby chic living room

The living room is one of the domestic spaces where you can indulge yourself more in terms of furniture, especially if you have chosen the shabby style. First, the floor should always be parquet. In this regard, you can opt for the classic wood-colored parquet, in the warmer shades of brown, or immerse yourself completely in the shabby atmosphere, preferring white made particular by the decoupata technique.

Then, all the furniture of the salatto should remain in the same shade of white, from ivory to beige. Here, too, the material par excellence remains wood, capable of giving the furnishing accessories a vintage and retro look. For the sofa it is possible to always remain white or choose a pastel color, perhaps decorating it with a sofa cover or a floral blanket in soft and welcoming shades. The extra touch will be given by the matching cushions.

In general, the room must not be furnished in a pompous or artificial way: the shabby style focuses on a few things but affection. For example, you can find a large wall clock on Amazon, which gives the idea of ​​going back to the weather. Another original decoration is undoubtedly that of an old wooden trunk perhaps placed near the sofa and filled with books and old newspapers. available online.

Finally, large and precious paintings do not find space in shabby chic furniture. They are replaced by retro-style prints and lamps with a design reminiscent of antiques.

To have the right atmosphere, you must never forget to embellish the living room with some scented candles, to be lit during the evening to give even more warmth to this corner of the house.

Shabby chic kitchen

Even the kitchen lends itself very much to shabby chic furnishings. As for the walls, you can indulge yourself in choosing the wallpaper you prefer. The important thing is that it is in soft tones, such as cream or beige. and that the drawings on it see pastel colors as protagonists. From small flowers to stylized figures of hearts, stars or others: the decoration of the wallpaper serves to make anyone who looks at it feel immediately at ease and to give that touch of country and "grandmother's house" to the surrounding environment.

The same goes for all the other objects with which you can embellish the kitchen. They range from tin or wrought iron accessories, such as jugs or racks to hold the various cooking utensils, to the service of cups and plates strictly in porcelain also decorated with simple floral motifs. The table will be of light wood, perhaps decoupled or painted to give it the typical vintage air, as well as the drawers, chairs and the sideboard, where the entire porcelain set can be put on display.

For a better "grandmother's kitchen" effect, we recommend embellishing the chairs with cushions that match the shades of the kitchen walls, choosing Provençal floral curtains in the same colors and placing a warm light source, preferring a chandelier of semi antiques.

Many of these accessories are available online. For example, you can conveniently find porcelain services on Amazon that will catapult both you and your guests into the English countryside of the Victorian age. We recommend this finely decorated set of porcelain teacups and saucers.

In addition, metal jugs are always available on Amazon, perfect for decorating a kitchen or even a living room with a shabby chic design.

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Shabby chic bedroom

For the shabby chic bedroom furniture you must always follow a style that is both romantic and rustic at the same time. We suggest painting the walls of the room either in classic white or in a pastel color such as powder pink or baby blue. The choice of bed is also important: many prefer it perfectly old style, or with the wrought iron structure that can be left either "natural" or painted in the traditional shades of shabby chic furniture. Others, on the other hand, opt for a wooden bed with a large headboard perhaps carved or decorated with painted designs.

For the sheets, the same guideline is followed as for the other fabrics. Those with flowers or those with romantic motifs such as hearts or writings are perfect, always in colors that blend with those of the walls or the general furnishings of the house. Furthermore, numerous cushions can not be missing: all of different sizes and also of different fabrics which immediately create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For all other furniture, we recommend keeping wood with a vintage and Provencal design as the preferred material: in this way, bedside tables, drawers, wardrobes, desks and all other furnishing accessories will blend perfectly. We always remember not to overdo it with objects and decorations: the strong point of shabby chic is the refined essentiality.

Shabby chic bathroom

Who said that the bathroom cannot follow the style of the other rooms in the house? The important thing is to focus on the right elements. First of all, in a shabby chic bathroom a retro bathtub cannot be missing. mobile "with a decoration on the supports on the ground. This type of tub was the only one existing in past years where it was filled manually and not with running water.

Furthermore, in a shabby chic bathroom you should not neglect other furnishing and decorative objects, such as tin jugs or small Provencal wooden vases with flowers. For the mirror, you can choose between one with a frame in wrought iron or wood of the usual shades, as will be, however, the other furniture, for example the chest of drawers to put towels or the small cupboard under the sink. In fact, the shabby atmosphere will be given also thanks to the color chosen for the walls and the main furniture, preferably on white or ivory or beige.

Shabby chic decor