What if it's not the right one? Only if you do these 7 things can you say that you are really in love!

Being in love is a state of the soul that seems to lift us from everyday life, a growing shared joy, which if it solidifies gives life to Love, the one with a capital "A", and let's face it, many of us romantic Disney heirs still dream ! But in a sea full of fish, in this social age, where a night of wild sex is accompanied by sweet messages, where a friend can be your bed lover, how can you recognize true love? These two old men are a beautiful example ...

Well girls, if you are in the throes of uncertainty, here are seven easy behaviors that testify to your most desired and feared nightmare: you really fell in love!

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1. You can't stay away from him

Night or day, you can't help but look for it. You look for him on whatsapp, browse his profile photos, analyze his likes, reread the goodnight of the day before, get rid of any possible commitment to see him, even a quick coffee is enough, you call him with a trivial excuse, you steal his scarf to sleeping with his scent on you… in short, you want to be with him always. An adolescent condition, which confuses the senses and which however is an inescapable sign that this boy has conquered you.

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2. Inevitably you fantasize about your future

Initially in the evening in bed you think about how cute you would be together, how special your couple is, how excited you are ... but in a flash you created the "wedding dress ideas" folder on your PC, you think of your child's name , think about how to furnish a house for two. In short, in a moment you are the most beautiful family in the world and you have prepared the photo collage for your first mesiversary.

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3. Relive every moment with him, never getting tired

All the sunsets together, the aperitifs with his friends, the walks on the beach, the weekends in the mountains, the disco evenings ... all the moments with him are the best movie you've ever seen. You loop it over in your head, you smooth the corners, you analyze the emotions, you are surprised at how happy you are, and you just can't stop rewinding the tape. It doesn't matter if they're not perfect moments, what feels perfect to you is the two of you together.

4. You keep thinking about your naked body

It doesn't matter how many you've been with. How many times have you stripped a man, or how many times a man has stripped you. He naked is the most beautiful in the world. It is not because it is objectively, but because it drives you crazy! In bed it's fantastic, and you don't stop making love. Home, car, beach, train, cinema. You can't stop. Passion crosses over, and when you are alone you get excited at the very thought of its magic touch. He is your prince between the sheets, orgasms with him are the unforgettable ones and yes, for you he is wonderful, belly and hips included.

5. Talk only and always about him with your friends

Your friends want to report you. You are talkative and one-way. Him. He in every nuance, he even in quarrels, in fears, him, him, him. If he doesn't reply to a message, he. If a friend you've never seen before appears in a story, him. If he gives you the pendant you saw in that shop window, him. You flaunt this love from the rooftops, you are a vomit of words and you can't stop.They hate you, but you can't stop.

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6. Kill anyone who looks at it with a look

Not even her childhood best friend escapes this truth. If you start thinking of it as yours, then it is yours alone. No woman can show any attention to her who hasn't first passed your civil defense killer scanner. You are also jealous of the dessert that his grandmother makes for him, because you wish you had made it first and in short… save whoever can.

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7. You are afraid of losing it

The truth is that when someone makes us lose our minds, we are immediately scared. Because it is inevitable to recognize the value of those who make us feel strong emotions. And these sometimes dizzying emotions make us so vulnerable that they prevent us from being rational. Recognizing that you are afraid of losing someone means admitting that that someone has stolen a little piece of our heart. In the end it is up to us to decide to let ourselves be totally overwhelmed. But in the end, girls, what do we have to lose? Nothing, so get away with the imagination and go with a beautiful phrase that will really surprise him