5 signs to tell if you need a therapist

For a long period of time, therapy was considered something superfluous and useless, to be relegated to the so-called "mentally ill". It goes without saying that today this idea of ​​therapy is beyond antiquity and that the choice of an analytic path is a valid and recognized support, not only following a traumatic event, but also as a choice aimed at facing one's own choices of life and one's own internal and non-internal dynamics. Choosing therapy generally means choosing to feel good, to take care of yourself and continue to celebrate life. Watch this video and how important it is to want to feel good:

1. The feeling of not being able to manage yourself or the situation

If circumstances overwhelm you, if you feel that you are suffocating in an unbearable situation and you cannot see a way that can help you overcome the moment, then perhaps it would be better to help you try to manage yourself and find serenity. Sometimes life leads in unexpected directions: why not ask for help if you need it?

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2. A constant sense of unhappiness and helplessness

If the feeling of constant and invasive dissatisfaction is the protagonist of your days, and you do not feel able to face this anguish, perhaps an external voice could help you find your way. Feeling overwhelmed by "anxiety and" anguish, by the inability to take care of oneself, does not have to be the daily rule.

3. The inability to communicate what one feels inside

When you experience negative emotions that you are unable to express, they accumulate inside. Sometimes they come out in unexpected forms such as: anger, hysterical crying, excessive reactions, strong anxiety. The inability to communicate what you have inside creates ruptures with those around us, prevents understanding and this iron curtain that is created around us only worsens the feeling of loneliness. With therapy you can try to resolve yourself and learn to communicate with oneself and with others.

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4. When you feel you have an unbearable addiction

Addiction is not just that of drugs, gambling and so on. Affective addiction exists and can poison from within, without really being able to react, to the point of destroying not only our bonds but also our way of being. When you feel trapped in an addiction, therapy support can really be the light at the end of the tunnel: the road is there, it is a question of choosing it to be free.

5. When you feel unable to accept yourself

If you never feel good enough and never feel good enough, then you sin in self-esteem. This constant feeling of not being what others should / would / would like can corrode from the inside and lead to many complications in daily life. The awareness that the therapeutic path gives in this regard is undoubtedly illuminating, in order to give the right weight to the value not only to one's choices, but also to oneself. What matters most?

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Only by getting to know each other and trying to face their limits and difficulties can we also guarantee those we love to feel good. Take a look at the photos, what we transmit to those we love, depends on us:

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