The three luckiest signs of 2018!

2018 is almost here! The stars promise luck for some signs (have you already checked the love horoscope for the new year?) And a few more difficulties for several others ... Are you curious to know which are the three luckiest signs of 2018? Here they are, the kings of the zodiac of the new year ... but first find out which are the best adjectives to describe your sign:

The three luckiest signs of 2018: Capricorn

For Capricorns 2018 will be a very lucky year, full of successes! This is because, starting from the first of the year, the planet Saturn will enter their sign. Saturn is the planet of wisdom, rigor, time, and in the sign of Capricorn it is right in its home. Capricorn is a ruled sign. from Saturn and having him in conjunction will guarantee him a slow but sure advance in every field.

In 2018 all the commitment and constancy of Capricorn will be truly rewarded and many satisfactions will arrive, all definitely deserved. Saturn is a planet that gives nothing, but Capricorns are used to sweating their conquests. Jupiter will also be in favor of the sign of Capricorn until November: the results will not be long in coming and with them a lot of luck!

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Scorpio among the three luckiest signs of 2018

Scorpio will have a very lucky 2018 too! The planet Jupiter will guarantee him success in every enterprise.Jupiter in conjunction will in fact help him to carry out his projects, guaranteeing success. It is a planet that helps business a lot, so there will also be benefits in the economic field or career advancements. This is truly the year to aim high!

Alongside Jupiter, Scorpio will also benefit from Saturn's favor: this planet rewards those who work hard to make their dreams come true and you Scorpios, if you put something in your head, are really capable of moving mountains to reach your goal! In short, success will be guaranteed.

And finally, among the three luckiest signs of 2018, there are Pisces!

Pisces finally got rid of the Saturn square that made their 2017 not easy at all! Now Saturn is not only no longer unfavorable to their sign, but has indeed become a valid ally for the realization of their goals. Dream big, then, Little Fish! This year you will find no obstacles in your path and everything will go smoothly, exactly as you wish.

The favor of Saturn in Capricorn is joined by that of Jupiter in Scorpio: luck and good luck will smile at Pisces like few other signs this year! Everything you start now will be successful and will be destined to bring you great satisfaction and increase your self-esteem by putting aside fears and anxieties.

Find out which are the VIPs of your sign who will have the same luck as you:

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