Germany: 21-year-old Kurdish killed for refusing arranged marriage

The voice comes from the heartbroken father because his daughter is "died in a sea of ​​blood, victim of a treacherous tradition'.
On March 13th, ad Hanover, in GermanyShilan, a girl of Kurdish origin, was killed during a wedding ceremony. The killer, her cousin Sefin, put 3 bullets in her head and then fled.
The reason for the insane gesture? Shilan did not want to marry Safin in the arranged marriage arranged by Safin's father.

The girl's father seeks justice and says that her family has escaped from the Iraq when the girl was only 3 years old. He was unable to leave for work reasons and had entrusted the custody of his loved ones to one of his previous brothers who moved to Germany.
The girl lived in the West, studied business management at the University of Hanover and had a bright and hopeful future ahead of her.

When on the phone Shilan had confided to his father that he did not want to marry his cousin Safin, 22, the man did everything possible to cancel the ceremony but the girl's uncles organized it anyway.
Shilan had no intention of becoming Safin's wife and he, tired of the rejection, shot her 3 times.

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The girl's father posted a heartbreaking photo on Facebook: his lifeless daughter surrounded by the tears of those who knew how to love her.

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