Stretch marks: what they are and how they can be fought

These are real skin scars due to the rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis and manifest themselves in the form of initially reddish-purple and subsequently whitish streaks. The most affected areas are the breasts, abdomen and hips for women (especially after pregnancy), inner arms, back and rear calf for all.

Stretch marks: why they occur and how they are prevented

While the causes of stretch marks are not fully defined, there are certainly factors that facilitate their appearance. These are adrenocortical hormones, metabolic factors and some lifestyles characterized by a diet rich in water retention, which can favor their appearance.

Preventing the appearance of stretch marks means above all providing the skin with maximum hydration, so that it remains elastic and toned. In this sense, there are many creams and treatments that are on the market. But how to extricate yourself from the many products on the market? Relying on those with experience ...

Stretch marks: what to do to remedy

To combat stretch marks, it is important to act with effective products, able to counteract skin imperfections regardless of the progress.

Rilastil Smagliature Crema was born in 1972 from the intuition of the Ganassini Institute. It is an excellent ally for the fight against stretch marks: it contains Isoamino acids, important for cellular activity, skin elasticity and resistance; a vitamin complex , which protects the skin with trophic and antioxidant action; the "Allantoin, which favors the improvement of the reparative processes of the epidermis, associating a soothing and protective action and the" Rice Bran Oil and Gamma Oryzanol, which perform an emollient and protective.

Rilastil Smagliature Crema has a rich and creamy texture, which lends itself well to massage, an action which, combined with the active ingredients of the cream, will certainly benefit. early pregnancy, or before a weight loss or invigorating diet), or as a maintenance treatment.

The cream will be particularly effective if used in combination with Rilastil Smagliature Vials, an intensive treatment to be applied before the cream: a real concentrate of active ingredients to declare war on the enemies of our skin!

Now we have no more excuses: it's time to fight skin blemishes thanks to Rilastil products!

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