Tantric sex: it doesn't always end with orgasm!

It is time to dispel all the myths and legends around Tantric sex. But before you feel free to experiment with your partner this practice always remember that if you are not looking for a pregnancy, it is important to choose a contraceptive system that suits your needs to experience sex in total freedom and serenity.

Orgasm: is it really overrated as you think?

The Western way of experiencing sex gives great importance to orgasm. It is the ultimate goal of the relationship, the moment of decisive fulfillment. This means that by not experiencing orgasm, one remains dissatisfied and wonders what went wrong. Here, tantric sex, and with it all sexual practices of Eastern origin give a different balance to the elements that make up the sexual sphere and do not consider orgasm to be neither fundamental nor a point of arrival. Tantric sex is made up of emotions, knowledge, massage, breathing, concentration… it goes far beyond purely physical pleasure!
When, while making love with the partner, orgasm is not reached, obviously if this happens in a systematic and not purely occasional way, we ask ourselves about the problems that afflict the couple: we go into crisis, we are perplexed because let's face it a partner who does not reach orgasm generates a thousand thoughts in us. This is because in Western society sex goes from courtship to sexual act according to a linear pattern that sees orgasm as the culmination and conclusion. But not all societies experience sex equally.

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Tantra: the doctrine of transgression

The goal of Tantrism is transgression understood not only as an infringement of the rules but also as an overcoming of limits. The person questions himself until he goes beyond the concept of the individual in his simple identity to reach a more real dimension, the divine one. Tantric sex does not see pleasure as a point of arrival but rather a means of getting in touch with the deepest and most hidden part of oneself: when we talk about tantric sex, it is no coincidence that we usually talk about very long performances and very intense orgasms. and prolonged.
We cannot talk about tantric sex without remembering the declaration of Sting, the former singer of the Police who declared that he made love with his wife even for seven hours straight thanks to tantra, unleashing in all filthy desire and interest to learn secrets of tantric sex. His words, however, have been misunderstood, the philosophy behind this way of living sexuality is in fact much more complex and articulated and totally involves the way of living the couple relationship and lifestyle. It is a different way of making love, closely linked to other oriental disciplines, such as yoga.

Semen retention: tantric sex

Among the characteristics of tantric sex, another legend that is talked about so much is the retention of the semen. This topic has always attracted the most curious who often, however, limit themselves to a very superficial interpretation of the question. Those who practice tantric sex implement semen retention, as they accumulate energy during intercourse, avoiding releasing it during ejaculation and therefore do not actually reach orgasm. The man therefore maintains total control of his body and mind, while the accumulated and not dispersed energy rises to the highest part of the body, allowing him to reach an ecstatic state much more satisfying than simple orgasm. This path is complex and full of pitfalls: reaching the ecstatic state is only possible with spiritual maturity, a developed meditative ability and a good yogic training, in short, it is not an experience suitable for everyone.
If what you are looking for is just a little novelty and fun between the sheets, let yourself be inspired by the Kamasutra!

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Tantrism: other aspects of the doctrine intended for heroes

Tantrism therefore means freedom, not the absence of rules but abandonment of the rules. In fact, it is no coincidence that interest in this oriental doctrine sparked in the West during the period of claims, in 1968. However, tantric sex cannot, and we need to reflect deeply on this, represent a shortcut towards achieving a new type of pleasure, it cannot be used superficially but must be understood, in the total understanding of the culture that has always accompanied it. Tantric sex is a path reserved for a few: if you are not ready to follow this path, to analyze the most intimate and profound aspects of your personality and sexuality, it is better to leave it alone in order not to risk being overwhelmed by emotions. In the oriental world, tantric sex is intended for heroes, for people who are able to bear and dominate the energy that this practice brings to the body and mind. Behind this doctrine lies an extremely equal vision of the relationship between two. In fact, equality between man and woman is an essential element of tantric sex because both partners must be on the same level, capable of completely dissolving into each other in search of a higher and divine dimension: Love.

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How to approach tantric sex

It is not possible to think of approaching tantra suddenly. To do this you need to question and change your daily lifestyle, practice every day, practice yoga, stimulate concentration and consequently grow on a spiritual level. Sex is one of the ways to enhance this individual growth of the spirit but to have an effect the person approaching Tantrism must have control of the vital energy that he is able to release during the practice. The first thing to approach this doctrine to do is to abandon the idea that sex is a constant competition, free yourself from the anxiety of performance and time. If the idea of ​​practicing tantric sex teases you, approach oriental philosophies, practice yoga and discover how meditation can improve your way of interacting in the world. At this point, when you make love, take all the time you need, without any rush, and focus on the sensations that your body and that of your partner are able to transmit without focusing only on the orgasm to be reached.
Give up stress and all fears related to a lack of self-esteem, such as not physically liking yourself. Let yourself be helped by a comfortable and relaxing situation, candles, soft lights, a perfumed oil with which to massage your bodies. And only then, without haste, without anxiety and without the stubborn pursuit of physical pleasure, that sex will really be able to give you indescribable sensations and open the doors to the depth of your soul!

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A few exercises to begin with

Woman and man in tantric sex must go at the same pace. There are tantric exercises to learn how to do it, without experiencing sex as a performance or a competition, with a sense of challenge to the other and with only attention to the final orgasm. To do this, the orgasmic peak must be controlled so that the mind can fully focus on the different emotions that you can perceive. In this journey towards tantric sex it is also very important to train the voice. Because holding back the sounds prevents you from abandoning yourself while letting your voice and moans come out leaves your mind free to open up. In tantric sex, breathing also plays a fundamental role: if you don't breathe well you will never be able to make love well because deep breathing can amplify every sensation.Therefore, there are no more or less suitable positions for tantric sex, but a different way of approaching sex and making love with your partner. You can alternate positions with massage moments, even stay still. Once you have focused your attention on breathing, calm and slow movements, you will be free to try all the positions of the Kamasutra and choose the one that is most suitable for your couple to unleash the emotions and energy of Tantric sex.

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