The perfect TV series based on the zodiac sign

Everyone likes TV series and they are the daily bread of a lot of people. Whether on the train or on the sofa at home, each of us has a series of the heart and once all the seasons are over, life appears empty and sad, until we fall in love with the next one.
If you run out of ideas and are looking for a new series to be infatuated with, read our guide based on the zodiac. For each sign a series made especially for its characteristics.
But first here are all the female TV series not to be missed:

Aries: Black Mirror

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Aries is without a doubt the most distrustful sign of the zodiac.
People born under this sign tend to observe and test everything and everyone. And if you are also wary of all this pressing technology, Black Mirror is perfect for you.
Dystopian, disturbing but not entirely unlikely. A courageous and direct series. Just like you!

Taurus: The Paper House

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A series to watch all in one breath (obviously munching on something, gluttons!) That Taurus will adore. A possessive and determined sign who loves all kinds of challenges. That's why La Casa Di Carta will drive you crazy! A heart-pounding TV series that will leave you with bated breath from season to season.

Gemini: Orange Is The New Black

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People born under the sign of Gemini are the most whimsical in the zodiac.
For them Orange Is The New Black is the ideal series. Lots of female characters, each with their own character and story, in the severe setting of the Litchfield Penitentiary. A series that speaks of strong and autonomous women, characteristics that the Gemini will be able to fully appreciate.

Cancer: Grey's Anatomy

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Cancer is an emotional, empathic and terribly sensitive sign. Nothing will kidnap those born of the sign like a tear-jerking TV series. Gray's Anatomy is the drama for excellence. Love stories, tragic accidents, professional successes and tears à gogo: Cancers will be able to identify themselves perfectly and cry until they dry up.

Leo: Insatiable

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Yes, Leo, you are the most beautiful and the nicest of all. We know it!
Seriously, for such a vain sign, the ideal is Insatiable.
The story of an obese girl who loses weight and becomes a beauty queen but also a ruthless killer. Of course, everything revolves around her and even if she does horrible things, everyone has to pity her. Leos will go crazy.

Virgo: The Big Bang Theory

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Order, method, rigor and punctuality.
Nothing seduces Virgos like precision. That's why you will love The Big Bang Theory.
And it will be easy to put yourself in the character of Sheldon Cooper, a genius of physics who lives by a thousand little rules. Woe to violate them! The physicist can't stand drastic changes.
To look at on the sofa, but sitting composed and strictly in the designated place!

Libra: Sex And The City

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Fashion, love, elegant and successful women and a New York more glamorous than ever.
If Libra were a TV series, it would definitely be Sex And The City!
That's why those born of the sign will go crazy for the adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.
A cult series that has bewitched millions of fashionistas and continues to be a reference in terms of friendship between women and style. Spade style, Libra.

Scorpio: Game of Thrones

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Intrigues are to Scorpio as much as dragons are to Daenerys.
Seductive, mysterious and combative characters.
Great stories of passion and very dangerous secrets. Everything a Scorpio looks for from a TV series. And from life

Sagittarius: Stranger Things

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The enthusiasm of a group of boys from Hawkins (Indiana) who, following the disappearance of a friend, begins a great adventure, fighting against dark and mysterious forces.
Sagittarians with their constant desire to escape and discover new things, will love Stranger Things.
Action, vitality and mystery in a colorful 80's frame.

Capricorn: Jane The Virgin

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Jane, a Miami girl who grew up with her mother and grandmother, is planning her life following a very specific plan, also trying to preserve her virginity until marriage. Until she is accidentally inseminated during a gynecological examination and from there her life becomes more and more insane.
Capricorn, so practical and wise, will find himself in the values ​​of Jane The Virgin but at the same time he will learn that life is unpredictable and often plans fail. And this, Capricorn, just can't stand it!

Aquarius: The Brilliant Friend

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The eclectic artist friend, the volcano of the company is always the Aquarius.
Character of a thousand talents, always full of ideas and initiatives, he will love L "Amica Geniale.
The story of the friendship between Lenù and Lila, two girls who grew up in Naples, whose lives remain linked for years despite their differences and distance.
And Lila is the brilliant friend, the one who dares and bets on herself, without ever being afraid of anything. Like you, friends of Aquarius.

Pisces: The End Of The Fu ** ing World

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The romantic, faithful, very reserved Pisces loves people who are equally taciturn and buttoned up.
The End Of The Fu ** ing World tells the passionate story of James and Alyssa, confused and scarred teenagers, who decide to escape together in a series of bittersweet adventures. Between great difficulties in communicating and so much tenderness, Pisces will fall in love with history and will always be faithful to it from the first to the last season.

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