Dry cleaning in your home. Here is the appliance that will change your life

Proctor & Gamble and Whirlpool have created an appliance that could become the salvation of those who want to always be tidy without having to rewash and iron their clothes.

The object of desire calls Swash and it is a small, slim, vertical dry-cleaner for the home that can be placed next to wardrobes and drawers without interfering with the furniture. The idea is in fact to make Swash look like a piece of furniture, while remaining functional in every aspect.

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But how does Swash work? Just pull the removable arm towards you and, once in position, hang and fasten our garment with the special hooks, as in the video below. Once our dry cleaner is closed, just set the program and insert in the appropriate space the pod with the cleaning / refreshing solution that will act inside the machine, giving a new smell and a new sense of freshness to your clothes. All this in just 10 minutes.

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Swash it is not intended as a new idea of ​​washing machine, but as a support to have neat and clean garments in a very short time, as in the case of that shirt or t-shirt worn only once and that we want to freshen up before a night out or a meeting in the office.

But what attracts is not only the functionality and its practicality: the design of Swash is one of the factors that makes the whole project even more interesting. Since it does not need water to function, it can be placed in rooms usually used in our wardrobe: a walk-in closet, a bedroom or a study.

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Where to buy it? For the moment it is only available in the US, at a price of $ 500. The price, around 380 euros, however, will be amortized over time; no dry cleaning and no fuel bills to bring or get clothes.

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