Positions to sleep: many, but not always healthy. We choose the best for our well-being!

The sleeping positions are endless: there are those who love to curl up and there are those who, on the other hand, extend their arms and legs as if to form a starfish, but which is the best way to sleep well and avoid unpleasant muscle pain upon waking? When sleep comes, often trying to resist is useless: we collapse without paying attention to the position in which we fall asleep and then wake up with back and neck pain.

Many sleeping positions: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages for our body.

Sleeping on your stomach is according to orthopedists and osteopaths one of the worst positions for night rest, as it forces the back into a forced arch, leads to stretch the tendons of the arms too much, to twist the neck only on one side and usually also to bend an arm under the pillow, in an abnormal and harmful position for the cervical. It involves an uneven pressure of the temple and jaw and leaves ripples on the faces no longer at a very young age. If you are unable to change position for now, you can try to place a pillow between the abdomen and the groin, to better align the back and not damage the spine forced into a position of hyperlordosis. Furthermore, sleeping "on your stomach" could increase the stiff neck. Therefore, it is advisable not to use the pillow for the head.
For this torture of stiff neck, a rather widespread malaise, it is good to sleep for a long time, as only a long regenerating sleep can bring real benefits. This posture often compresses the stomach, causing esophageal reflux, and also the breastbone. In addition, it harms breathing, especially for asthma or allergy sufferers, it strains the lungs and due to poor lymph drainage it usually causes the formation of swollen "bags" on the dark circles. Try to use, if you fall asleep in this position, a firm mattress and a low pillow for the head. Not all experts believe that the fetal position is one of the worst for sleeping. Being crouched gives a sense of warmth protection, it is reassuring, even if staying long with a hunched back is certainly not a natural position. Although not at the same level as the supine position, the fetal position can also prove useful if you have stomach upset, especially acidity, if you suffer from sleep apnea or snore (in these cases it is advisable to use a high pillow to align the nose with the breastbone and the head with the body).

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To each his own sleeping position!

Sleeping on your side is not a very incorrect position, the important thing is that you often change sides so as not to always press on the same internal organs. By sleeping on your side, you can relax your legs better. If you tend to stretch one leg and bend the other upwards, perhaps in an antalgic position, for example due to sciatica, it is good to place a cushion at the height of the knees to avoid exaggerated pressure, harmful and not very relieving from stress. position on the side is also suitable for those who are pregnant. In fact, the pregnant woman can in this way not weigh too much on the abdomen and at the same time not make it rise upwards, lying in a supine position. better position could be to sleep with more pillows, as they recommend even in hospital stays in a "semi-sitting" position, to allow for better breathing. For pregnant women, however, it is difficult to find a position that makes them really relax and unload the weight of the abdomen, especially in the last months. We recommend the position on the side, with a pillow between the legs, so as not to press the veins and the belly or with a pad under the feet to promote lymphatic drainage. Also in order not to press too much on the same shoulder, it is good to change sides every now and then, so as not to risk pressing on the nerves for many hours. As all doctors advise, sleeping in a supine position is an excellent position, especially with a pillow under the knees to relax the muscles and a well placed one for the neck, in order to promote drainage, breathing and the cervical. It is also very useful for the well-being of the spine not forced into abnormal positions. Some do not choose this posture, because it can make you snore, but using a good pillow under the neck in order to align the head and sternum, the inconvenience is limited, as it favors the drainage of the farm and breathing. It also avoids tension in the tract. temporomandibular and counteracts reflux. By "star position" we mean sleeping lying on the back in a supine position, but with the arms pointing upwards. to stretch the tendons of the arms too much and to swell the median nerve, with painful consequences. When you have pain in the neck, it means that the body, especially the neck, is never able to completely relax, either during the day or during the night's rest . Many even clench their fists or teeth in their sleep, causing pain in the jaw and tendons of the arms. To avoid aggravating neck pain, try two pillows not to create voids under it. Maybe use some tubular shaped pads, which go from the hairline on the nape to the base of the neck, so as not to press the face too much on the pillow.

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The position is essential, but it is not enough to guarantee us a restful sleep.

In addition, in order to rest properly and in a healing way, we must not underestimate the use of a high quality mattress and orthopedic pillow. Choose a good brand, contact a company that gives you all the guarantees in this regard, check the fabric, quality and percentage of latex, washing rules and remember to turn it over when the season changes (it has a summer side and a winter side). A comfortable environment must then be created in the bedroom, with a temperature not exceeding 19 ° C, avoid light sources, at most, if you really feel the need, you can use an abat-jour with a potentiometer with which you can gradually lower the intensity of a small light bulb. It is also advisable to stop working on the PC or tablet at least one "hour before going to sleep. The natural production of melatonin, which is important for falling asleep peacefully, and a regular and continuous sleep are favored by all these factors.
The position and in general the way we rest affects our body and mind too much. According to some doctors, assuming the wrong positions even causes pain in the head, gastritis and respiratory problems.

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A little bit of petty psychology: to smile a little!

If you sleep on your back, you should be a thoughtful, quiet and reserved person. If you prefer to rest on your side, maybe you are a nice and quite sociable type. Is your favorite position fetal? Then you're a tough guy, but you have a lot of sweetness and romance inside you.
If you like to sleep better on your stomach, you could be a bit grumpy and close, when you like, to everyone and your whole world.

And now have a good rest to all!

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