Lady Gaga the most followed on Twitter

The queen of world pop thus adds to her records that of the most followed star on the web with 20 million loyal followers of her Twitter account. An impressive number if we consider that a "star" like Barack Obama has 12.8 million fans. The platinum-haired woman who has long defined herself as Madonna's heir, has been in first position since August 2011 when she defeated Britney Spears, the diva with the most fans at the time: 5.6 million.

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Lady Gaga operates on her hip. Farewell tour Lady Gaga

© Kikapress The other stars who reach the top of the social network are the very young singer Justin Bieber, in second place with 18.1 million followers, and in third place, Katy Perry, with 15.7 million. Two other queens of music follow on an equal footing: Shakira and Rihanna, with 14.5 million followers each.

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