Dry and irritated: find out how to prevent and treat chapped lips in a natural way

When the lips are subjected to atmospheric agents (sun, cold, wind), without the right protection or are treated with products and cosmetics not tolerated by our skin, they tend to crack and this loss of hydration can generate bleeding, slight pain, dryness, irritation and excessive sensitivity.

Prevent chapped lips

If you want to prevent the problem before it occurs, start using a lip emollient constantly, to be applied every 2-3 hours and avoid moistening them with your tongue. Also remember that the same cigarette is an accomplice to this imperfection, the continuous laying between the lips favors the sudden drying, dehydrating them.

In addition, always drink plenty of water to rebalance the hydration needs of the body and skin, including lips, and check that the lipsticks you apply also have a specific protection factor.

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Also try not to overdo it with too dark or glittery lipsticks as they obstruct the normal process of oxygenation and regeneration more.

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Finally, a good habit is to carry out a weekly scrub, so as to eliminate dead cells. How to do it? Mix one tablespoon of honey, one of yogurt and two teaspoons of brown sugar, rub the mixture obtained directly on the lips, leave on for 20 minutes and clean up with warm water. You will have a mouth to kiss!

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Treat chapped lips

If, on the other hand, you already suffer from chapped lips, here are some useful natural remedies:

1 - Frankincense essential oil

Already known in ancient Egypt for its anti-aging properties, frankincense essential oil, when diluted in a teaspoon of wheat germ oil, is an exceptional soothing emollient. Spread it on your lips and massage gently.

2 - Honey

Excellent remedy, simple and effective, which immediately nourishes dry lips and promotes the healing of chaps. Just spread a light layer, massage and leave on for half an hour.

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3 - Tea Tree Oil

Used in many ways and considered a real marvel, Tea Tree oil is especially indicated for the treatment of skin irritations. Just apply a few drops with your fingers and massage, you will immediately notice a relief and after a few applications your lips will be reborn.

4 - Olive oil and beeswax

By combining these two ingredients, an excellent natural lip balm is obtained. Just melt the beeswax in a bain-marie together with the oil, mixing the mixture well. Once dried, it looks like a solid block that can be cut into slices and passed on the lips like a normal lip balm.

5 - Butter

The classic grandmother's remedy, handed down from generation to generation, very effective in case of chapped lips. Take a knob of butter and apply it generously to your lips. Leave on for 5 minutes, then take a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently exfoliate the cuticles. You will get soft and smooth lips.

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6 - Menthol

Particularly suitable for sunburned or wind-dried lips, menthol is an analgesic that exerts a disinfectant action, useful in the presence of infections. Just get some menthol flakes and wipe some on your lips.

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