ClioMakeUp: "For me, beauty equals pampering!"

Although you are a super well-known character to web users, tell a little about who you are to those who may not have always followed you?

My name is Clio, I'm 31 and I've lived in New York for seven. I came to America to study make-up: while I was studying I opened a YouTube channel, where I taught everything I learned in school about make-up. In the space of a couple of years the channel has grown a lot, becoming one of the most important make-up channels in Italy.So I am a make-up artist, YouTuber, and above all for just over a year, I started a blog on make-up, which is giving me great satisfaction.

What is beauty for you?

Feel good and take care of yourself, without looking at the unattainable stars! Each of us has something beautiful and should be valued. Already taking care of myself I feel more beautiful, and I think it is the same for everyone: if our morning begins, for example, with a cuddle, a cappuccino, with a little cream ... we already feel better! In short, beauty ... is just trying to pamper us!

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The manicure is now an integral part of the beauty routine of many women, but the same cannot be said of the pedicure - at least in Italy. Why, in your opinion?

Actually, living in New York, I realize that Americans are much more obsessed with pedicures than manicures. Whether it's winter or summer ... I'm always getting a pedicure! I think that for Italy it is only a matter of time and in the next few years this trend will take hold! Just think that very many nail spa they were born only recently: when I was in Milan seven years ago there weren't many centers for manicures and pedicures! It's just a matter of time… and patience.

What are, in your opinion, the top 5 products for a perfect pedicure?

I often do my pedicure at home because I don't like having my feet touched. My allies are definitely Scholl's electric roll, Velvet Soft, and the serum that I put on every two or three days; the cutters, a file and the transparent enamel: I don't use colored enamels so much, and therefore the glossy effect of the transparent enamel is excellent!

All women love heels and are willing to suffer from sore feet in order to show them off. And you, what is your relationship with shoes? Do you have any advice to give to reduce the classic post-evening pain with heel 12?

I am for "prevention is better than cure", so I never use 12 heels, I am not able to wear them! But I put the wedges! my secrets, however, if they are a new pair that I know will hurt me (especially those with heels), I put a closed bag full of water inside; then I put the shoes in the freezer, so that the water bag expands and the shoes become softer. The use of shoe pads that have silicone is inevitable, to avoid direct contact with the shoes; or, to prevent my feet from hurting during the evening, I use silicone pads for the sole of the foot! I really have sore feet ... a nice bath with cold water to stimulate circulation is always good!

What do you think will be the trends for the next S / S?

You will see everything as always ... My personal hope is that there will be a return to a little more classic pedicures, without flowers or too many abstract drawings, but something simple and natural. I hope that neutral colors are back in fashion, or at most the single color, because in my opinion it is the most beautiful thing to see!