Women's Day: events not to be missed

March 8: not a date with a faded meaning (as some claim), but a day that wants to be a "(further) opportunity to stop and reflect on issues concerning the world of women.
This is why a series of initiatives, different from each other but equally significant, have been promoted throughout Italy, "as per tradition".
We point out the most interesting ones for us:

Running women - Turin
For sports enthusiasts, but also for those who want to test themselves, there is the 4 km marathon which will start at 6 pm from Parco della Pellerina. The event, organized by Turin Marathon Club, is reserved only for women, competing against discrimination and violence.
“Donne in corsa” is one of the key events of the 1st edition of “Just the woman I am”.

Art Woman - Florence
Inauguration of the exhibition that Galleria360 wants to dedicate to "art conjugated to women. An exhibition that wants to give space and voice to women, highlighting how now artistic expression is not only the prerogative of men. Vernissage, with live jazz music." , at 19.

The solitude of the bee - Genoa
A sui generis women's party was instead conceived and organized at the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa, where "The solitude of the" bee "will be staged. Andrea Pierdicca on stage with the Yo Yo Mundi, who will tell us about the flight of the bee, insect female and increasingly threatened by pesticides and monocultures. A metaphor to actually talk about us and our increasingly complicated relationship with mother nature.

Women prefer the stars - Rome
An evening to admire them and share stories of women and universes, which are filtered through a purely feminine gaze. Appointment at 20 at the "INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome.

Gunaikes: poetry from Magna Graecia - Milan
The storyteller from Catania Francesca Prestia is the protagonist of a special performance, which combines ancient verses and songs of Magna Graecia with the stories of courage and strength of Calabrian women. At his side Kostas Gakis, Greek actor, musician and director.
The event is part of “Sguardi Altrove”, a film festival directed by women. The location is the Milan Triennale.

A broken woman - Rome
At the Teatro Belli replica of the show by Isabel Russinova, which brings to the stage the famous monologue by Simone De Beauvoir, accompanied by the original music of Maestro Antonio Nasca. The actress leads us by the hand into the heart of this poignant tale, which is nothing more than a raw and painful portrait of a woman of our times.

Directors - all over Italy
On the occasion of the Women's Day, “Registe, dialogando sul una lametta”, a film / documentary by Diana Dell "Erba, is released in cinemas, which retraces the Italian female direction starting from Elvira Notari (played by Maria de Medeiros). of contemporary directors such as Francesca Comencini, Roberta Torre, Maria Sole Tognazzi and Susanna Nicchiarelli.

Women's day