Patient 1 healed: "I held out because I'm about to be a dad"

Mattia, patient 1 suffering from Coronavirus, is finally cured and, in a few days, he will be able to go home to his family. In a sea of ​​negative news, including it is difficult to keep afloat, knowing the story of those who made it warms our hearts.

"If I had been alone I would have given up"

It was February 21, the day on which Mattia, 38, was rushed to hospital in Codogno. The man, manager and marathon runner, had dined with some colleagues who had recently returned from China, exposing himself, without his knowledge, to the infection. Now, one month later, he breathes alone and, as reported by Dr. Raffaele Bruno, head of infectious diseases of the Policlino San Matteo in Pavia, where he is being treated, "now he cries because he is happy: he knows that life has given the time to see his first daughter born ”. The wife, in fact, is expecting their first child, whose birth is scheduled for these days. It was to them that Mattia turned his thoughts in the most difficult moments of his illness,
“I held out because I'm about to be a dad. While I had the tube in my windpipe I thought that if I was alone, I would give up. It is the life of others that drags us forward ”.

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Its plasma can save many lives!

But the good news doesn't end there. In fact, doctors have begun to isolate the plasma of healed patients just like Mattia, a practice already adopted in China. In this way, their antibodies can be donated to others infected and, consequently, save many human lives.

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