How to protect yourself during sun exposure

Finally spring has arrived and finally the first sunny weekends have arrived, in which to take a trip out of town or a walk by the sea.
What could be nicer than discovering the awakening nature and being pampered by the warm sunlight after a winter spent choosing the heaviest scarf to protect yourself from the freezing cold?

However, it is right not to be caught unprepared because sun damage to the skin is always lurking. It does not matter that the temperatures are mild and that the sun does not break the stones, UVA and UVB rays are the number one enemies for the health of our skin and favor skin aging and the onset of sun spots.

It may be that I have very fair skin and prone to sunburn, it may be that I have been taking the contraceptive pill for some years and I was told to avoid exposure to the sun without protection like the plague, but I am particularly in favor of sun protection.

[For the uninitiated, the birth control pill is a photosensitizing drug that can promote the onset of skin spots called melasma, more or less intense brown spots that can also appear during pregnancy.]

Defending your skin with suitable and safe sunscreen is essential to protect it not only from an aesthetic point of view, but above all to protect the health of skin and moles.
Every year a dermatological examination should be made with relative mapping of the moles, also because in recent years an increase in pathologies has been noted, perhaps due to massive sun exposure to get the much loved tan at all costs, but without paying much attention. adequate protection.

Fortunately, there are products on the market for all skin types for different phototypes and with the texture that suits you best.
When it comes to my skin I like to play it safe and I wanted to rely on a historic and authoritative brand: Rilastil Laboratori Milano.
Thanks to constant research, Rilastil has developed a photoprotection system that enhances the beauty of the skin and protects it every time you decide to expose yourself to the sun.

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