Buzz cut: the very short haircut loved by the stars (which you will soon fall in love with too)!

The Buzz cut is a decidedly fashion cut that highlights the features. We are talking about a unisex cut that suits him and her too and gives grit, character and personality. If you are thinking that the time has come to give your hair a nice cut, pay attention to the phases of the moon. Watch the video to find the perfect time to cut your hair and then zac!

The easy haircut most loved by the stars

There is no hairstyle capable of shedding light on the facial features and highlighting their beauty and perfection more than the Buzz Cut, unisex haircut, dedicated to him and her, which drives even the stars crazy! Loved by celebs, but also by sportsmen and singers, the Buzz Cut is easy enough to be a perfect choice for summer but also fashion and very trendy for those who in the summer have no desire to give up on style! Simple but original. , the Buzz Cut has been a true star choice for several years: the legendary David Beckham, Justin Timberlake did it and among the gossip stars there is no shortage of female names, such as Cara Delevingne. Demi Moore's Buzz Cut is also unforgettable. Saving Private Ryan! The Buzz Cut is a very short haircut that nevertheless manages to enhance almost any face. If you are thinking of giving us a nice cut this summer the Buzz Cut could be just the haircut you are looking for! Think about it: an all-over shave highlights your features but above all makes you feel "uncovered" and deprived of the protection that hair exercised on you (perhaps without you noticing it).
In terms of hair, however, changing and experimenting with new cuts is really pleasant and capable of improving your self-esteem, if you feel like it, don't get lost in a thousand words, but try it! By continuing to read this article you will discover all the secrets of the Buzz Cut, the coolest variants and small ideas to enhance it!

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The trend is also depopulated on Tik Tok: all crazy for the Buzz Cut!

Did you take a look at Tik Tok? Have you seen how many people choose the Buzz Cut? Many girls choose to imitate the stars and without thinking too much they give it a cut. They opt (live) for this easy and decidedly short haircut. The result, faces in the foreground and make-up in super evidence! In fact, with the Buzz Cut your features will be in the foreground and with a little skill and the right makeup you can further enhance them and create beautiful rock punk effects, gritty but at the same time also very feminine, with eyes and lips. in the spotlight. Maybe you never thought that a short cut could ever be so delicate and feminine! Yet as you will see it is all a game of details, mack up and style you wear. It will be the colors and accessories you wear that transform this look into types different from gritty to boho chic, from feminine to rock! In short, we are talking about a really super versatile and comfortable cut. Do you know what fun on the beach, without the obsession of the fold? A few minutes and you are immediately ready, with your look to great effect. And also think about the surprise effect. Do you want to leave everyone speechless?

Who is the Buzz Cut good for?

Many believe that the only ones (and the only ones) who can afford a Buzz Cut are those with perfect features. This is not true. The first thing to consider if you want to get this very short haircut is that this haircut lends itself well to types that have style and character. It takes personality to show off a Buzz Cut, even before a pretty face! Obviously, the Buzz Cut is also better for those with a particular face shape, specifically this haircut gives those with an oval face, certainly because such short shaves really highlight the face! The women that the Buzz Cut suits the most are those who have fine, soft features and an oval face shape. This play of contrasts combined with the classic tomboy cut creates a nice sensual and feminine mix, provided of course you know how to wear them and feel comfortable with this new look. For males, on the other hand, the most suitable face shape for the Buzz Cut are diamond and oblong ones, or even squared ones. This haircut allows you to proportion the hard and harsh features of the face and focuses attention on the eyes and lips.

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Long hair from a lifetime? Do you dare to change your hairstyle and get yourself a Buzz Cut?

What does the Buzz Cut consist of? The name Buzz Cut is English and indicates a cut made with the machine of which Buzz reproduces the sound. As we have seen it is a very easy cut, a shave made with the machine. The goal is to get rid of the hair, leaving only really mini lengths. We are talking about a really short and very cool cut, loved by him and her. But it is also a simple cut to make that you can make comfortably at home if you have a machine (but perhaps better get some help). Hairstylists usually never offer it to their female clients, because especially for those with long hair, sometimes it is a bit drastic and in short, it takes courage. If you are convinced, if you want to experiment with a Buzz Cut we are sure that you will be fine and in the end you will fall in love with this cut just like a shirt stolen from his wardrobe that is able to make you feel feminine and sexy in a flash. But be careful: the Buzz Cut is a simple cut to make but more complex to maintain over months and years, because it requires numerous trims based on the growth of your hair. This haircut naturally has a masculine inspiration and in particular comes from the military world. In fact, it is linked to the history of the American army at the time of the Second World War. Once upon a time only soldiers and military men in the army sported such a short cut! For several years the Buzz Cut has left the military world and found itself on the catwalk! The shaved cut, or Buzz Cut, has become very trendy and as always happens in these cases it is then divided into a series of beautiful variations of this haircut: particular or oxygenated colors, shades of color, fades and double cuts .. .in short, this haircut is no longer just military and punk but has conquered all the hairtrend feminine becoming a choice even for bold, courageous and sensual women!

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