Why drinking from plastic bottles more than once could be bad for your health!

Summer, sultry heat, sweat ... what looks more inviting than a muscular model all sweaty and wet? Perhaps a fresh bottle of water, perhaps mineral, which quenches thirst more and is also good for the disposal of our enemy cellulite. Well, it would be better to pay attention, because in the plastic there are bacteria that it is advisable not to take in large quantities.

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It is now established by researchers that we must be cautious with plastic for two reasons:

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1. Reusing a used plastic bottle is a high risk that we shouldn't take

Regarding the non-reuse of the bottle, this warning already appears on the labels of most of the packages to avoid dangers. When a plastic bottle is emptied, many fungi and bacteria can adhere to the material. When it is refilled with water, these elements end up in our body. So remember: an empty bottle is a bottle to be thrown away.
But if you really want to reuse your bottle, here's a good idea:

2. Never expose water bottles to the sun

When plastic comes into contact with a heat source, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are dispersed, which are the causes not only of a bad taste in the water, but also of indigestion. Always keep the water in a cool place away from sources of heat and light!

Canadian scientists recently conducted studies examining 76 plastic bottles used by college students. The results were sadly surprising: more than half of them were unsuitable for use and the number of bacteria inside them was really high!

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How to do? Simple: always buy new bottles, keep them in cool places, prefer water in glass, filter tap water. Cooling down is easy, just be careful!
And remember that drinking a lot is fine but may not be enough as a remedy for cellulite ...

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