Aperitif with friends? Alternatives to alcohol in pregnancy. Non-alcoholic cocktails and beers for happy hour

Yes ok, let's admit that ordering a Martini or a Mohito has a completely different charm - and flavor - but trust me, even without alcohol, happy hour is worth living, or rather consumed, and can reveal really unexpected surprises. do you believe us? Non-alcoholic cocktails and beers are in fact a great way to replace beer, wine and spirits during pregnancy.

Fruity, sweet, more bitter and with an exotic flavor, with a bittersweet or spicy aftertaste, in short, everyone can hope to find the non-alcoholic cocktail that is right for them. But there is also beer! Yes, you got it right ... blonde lovers can enjoy their favorite drink even during pregnancy, with some minor adjustments. Have you seen? There is something for all tastes and palates. So here are some ideas of non-alcoholic drinks from which to be inspired for your strictly light evenings ...

Fruit mix, sweet or exotic

For the most classic of you, there are the timeless fruit mixes: from the sweeter ones based on coconut, vanilla and strawberry, to drinks with a more exotic flavor, based on maracuja or passion fruit, with a bittersweet aftertaste, much loved by the admirers of the more tart and less delicate flavors. Not to mention the citrus-based drinks: pink grapefruit above all, a flavor that goes well with different ingredients, giving rise to decidedly tasty and thirst-quenching mixes, especially indicated for those who are at the antipodes of sweet and fruity at all. costs.

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Light variants of spirits

Then there are light variants of great classic alcoholic cocktails: one above all, tomato juice, an alcohol-free alternative to the famous Bloody Mary: just hearing these words, we are sure that many of you will be horrified, but wait, have you ever tried it with salt, pepper, tabasco, worchester sauce and lemon juice? Your simple tomato juice will turn into a tasty and savory drink that goes perfectly with delicious aperitifs and deliciously flavored canapés. Trust me!

Mint-based drink

For those who are very fond of Mohito and similar drinks, we recommend mint-based cocktails combined with exotic flavors and decidedly strong mixes. Forget the fruity and the sweet, prefer the spicy and the exotic: you will get a cocktail that combines freshness and intensity.

Non alcoholic beer

Even lovers of the blonde can have a valid alternative while pregnant. It is called non-alcoholic beer, and yes, it is right for you in these months preceding your life as a mother in which, as you well know, you have to say goodbye to alcohol. Do not turn up your nose, you will see that it will be an excellent solution for you and your aperitifs with friends. A drink to be defined as non-alcoholic must have an alcohol content of less than 1.2% expressed in volume, for tax reasons, however, all non-alcoholic beers on the market in Italy have an alcohol content of less than 0.6%, not to mention that there are some with a degree lower than 0.02%.

There are different types, lighter, more intense and decisive, suitable with tastier and stronger foods, and finally sweeter and poorly hopped, the latter more suitable with desserts and fresh fruit. In short, different tastes and flavors to match to tasty foods and dishes. Just experiment a little in the magical world of non-alcoholic blonde and you will surely find the one that suits you best and that best suits the delicious tastings of your light aperitif with friends.

Have you seen future mothers? No dramas, your light evenings will take an unexpected turn and will be enlivened by tasty and healthy drinks, perfect for your sweet expectation. Seeing is believing!