SimplyNabiki: "When it comes to beauty, don't be afraid to try and dare!"

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For those who don't know you: tell us a little about yourself.

I am Ilenia, mother of two wonderful children and happily married to a Dutchman. I am 40 years old and I work as a Manager in a multinational company. The day for me is never long enough and therefore after work I dedicate myself to everything that I am passionate about and that is creative. I started my channel a little for fun and for the spirit of information and sharing (explaining is as passionate as I do) and initially it was almost exclusively dedicated to beauty. Today, after four years, it has naturally evolved towards what is part of my daily life and which, besides me, is of great interest to the people who follow me: organization, make-up, fashion, craft, home decor and the whole world " kids ".

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What does beauty mean for you? (what it stands for, what it stands for) Intertitre

Being beautiful means above all feeling good and being serene, but if we want to look at the aesthetic side of beauty, I would probably answer you knowing how to value yourself and get comfortable in every situation. Being beautiful is above all a question of attitude and when we feel good and comfortable, others notice it.

What are the beauty products you can't do without?

There are no products that I could not give up (fortunately cosmetics are a superfluous good that I give myself and pamper myself with), but there are many that I always try to have: a good face cream, a fragrance capable of awakening the senses and memories, mascara and a neutral eyeshadow.

Have you tried the new Garnier color: what left you most satisfied?

Ease of use combined with the quality of the result. In his youth there were many failed experiments and I believe that for those who choose a similar product to carry out in the comfort of their own home, it is very important to be able to apply it independently without fear of messing up. I also really appreciated the versatility of the product itself; in the video I used it to warm up a color that I didn't feel mine, but I was able to choose the same product even weeks later to retouch the color comfortably at home.

How did you find yourself in addressing the topic of coloring in a video? How was it received by your followers?

Addressing the subject was easy because I have been using the dye at home for many years now (I don't like to spend hours at the hairdresser ... I prefer to invest my time in a thousand other things or with my children). The colors are in themselves a simple topic and yet they give rise to many doubts and questions. Those who follow me wrote to me asking me to go deeper into the subject and learn even more ... in any case, a great satisfaction.

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Would you give us your "3 tips" for those who want to try a do-it-yourself coloring for the first time?

Choose a formula that respects the natural shades of your hair: the effect will be more natural and pleasant.
Arrive at the purchase with a color in mind; the offer is so vast that it will be easier to choose the product by focusing on the characteristics as well as on the shade. If this is the first time, choose a semi-permanent product ... if you don't like the effect or the nuance, a few shampoos will be enough to return almost to the initial situation. And finally: have fun! Don't be afraid to try and dare .. Nothing is irremediable and in the end the result is often a pleasant surprise!

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