Valentine's Day? Nightmare for lovers

In fact, it seems that, in addition to the fact that law firms have shown a majority of divorce requests after February 14, 62% of women do not appreciate the gift given to them by their partner, 80% believe that their partner does not try hard enough and even 25% think this is the most disappointing holiday of the year.

And the men? 76% of posts on social media see negative comments, 45% believe that the "man and not the woman should be spoiled," and 70% admit they see Valentine's Day simply as an "extra opportunity to be able to finish the day. evening under the sheets, thanks to romantic gestures.

You know, Valentine's Day is a party that has always divided the opinions of singles and lovers: those who see it as a simple commercial party, who instead as an "opportunity to demonstrate their feelings to their partner, who still as a day like l" other, to which he does not even give weight. Who knows if, this February 14, in light of the changes brought about by erotic literature, erotic films etc, there will be radical changes ... we'll see!

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