Girl saves her father with a heart massage seen in Grey's Anatomy

A story with a happy ending, which happened in recent days, which has as its protagonist an eighteen year old from Montale, Pistoia, who managed to save her father, who had suffered a heart attack, by giving him a massage "as she had seen him do in Gray" s Anatomy ". a young man who immediately intervened, after realizing that his father was not waking up and was not breathing anymore, continued to practice cardiac massage until the "arrival of the ambulance", which took place only ten minutes after being called to 118.

Although during the massage, she was in contact with the operator who helped her to practice it correctly, the young woman admitted that she had never had experience in this regard, but that she was guided by the maneuvers seen during the TV series dedicated to the beloved doctors. of Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle.

The work of the rescuers who carried out the defibrillation and continued with the advanced resuscitation maneuvers was also fundamental, taking the 54-year-old to the San Jacopo hospital in Pistoia, where he was diagnosed with an acute myocardial infarction. Fortunately, after a few days of hospitalization in intensive care, the man was discharged.

Photo taken from the website