Rihanna is girl of the week with her makeup-free selfie

It is well known that after the holidays it is not easy to have healthy and glowing skin. Dinners, endless lunches, chocolates, alcohol. Damn alcohol. And it is not only the stomach that pays the consequences, but also our face. It is inevitable to start the year with the right amount of good intentions and, alas, a few pimples here and there. This is true for all of us, without exception. Not even Rihanna. Yes, even one of the sexiest singers on planet earth, and perhaps even on Mars, woke up on January 1 with a nice pimple on her cheek. This is how the Barbadian girl decided to inaugurate the 2020 selfie season. With a beautiful photo in perfect student outfit under examination. Black jumpsuit, gathered hair and a nice red dot that stands out on the right cheek. In the era of Instagram, where it is not allowed to be vulnerable, both outside and inside, the choice to get naked with one's imperfections is to be considered a courageous act.

Instagram truth or publicity stunt?

However, not a few have speculated that it was a marketing operation in view of the launch of a new line by Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand launched by Rihanna in September 2017. This new entrepreneurial reality has completely revolutionized the business. make-up industry so much so that it was recognized by Time as the Best Invention of 2017 and one of the 50 most brilliant companies of 2018. The success is undoubtedly due to the inclusive approach that Rihanna has decided to adopt in the creation of her products, suitable to all skin types and, mostly, in all colors.

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Perfection does not exist!

Whether it's a publicity stunt or not, we at alfemminile promote shooting with flying colors because, let's not deny it !, it's a relief to see that even our darlings find themselves having to face the same tragedies of us ordinary women in front of the mirror. In addition, Rihanna helps us to realize how much fiction lies behind the glossy photos of Instagram, where filters and tons of makeup are the masters. Perfection does not exist, not even when we talk about divas and their natural photos help us to accept it and, above all, to accept ourselves.

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