Weekly horoscope from 7 to 13 May 2018: good news, friends of Taurus!

Aries: weekend of passion!

Dear Aries, this is the last week in which the planet Mercury will stay in your sign: abandon all delay and take the opportunity to step forward! Especially at work, you will be favored on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, when new opportunities will arise. The weekend will be all about feeling: Venus and the moon will be allies to give you truly unforgettable moments of passion!

Taurus: Mercury is coming!

Dear Toro, you have worked hard in the last period to reach your goals and you will finally be rewarded! Starting from Sunday, in fact, the planet Mercury will enter your sign: the next few weeks will see you as the protagonist and there will be exciting opportunities and encounters. In the meantime, bear with us if the days of Monday and Tuesday, with an unfavorable moon, will cause you some small setback ...

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Gemini: Long live love!

Dear Gemini, if you have started dating someone these days, know that they could really be the right person! Singles keep their eyes open, because Venus helps to find love ... Interesting news are possible at work on Mondays and Tuesdays, while in the central part of the week some more difficulties may arise. Lucky and relaxing weekend with a beautiful favorable moon.

Cancer: grit your teeth!

Dear Cancer, the sky is asking you to grit your teeth for another week, after which it will all be downhill! In fact, starting from Sunday, you will be able to say goodbye to the opposition of Mars which in the last period has caused you so much fatigue, even from a physical point of view. Mercury will also stop being unfavorable to you and at work you will be able to unlock situations that have remained unresolved. Discover the three best adjectives to describe yourself:

Leo: opposite moon ...

Dear Leone, your week begins with a bit of a bad mood: the opposition of the moon on Mondays and Tuesdays certainly doesn't help! Already on Wednesday, however, the situation improves: Mercury favorable until Sunday allows you to bring home excellent results at work, while Venus gives you serenity from a sentimental point of view and, if you are single, the possibility of really dating interesting ...

Virgo: heart problems ...

Dear Virgo, in this period love does not smile at you: unfavorable Venus leads you to question your relationship and you are no longer so convinced of your feelings ... the days of Wednesday and Thursday will be particularly dark: the moon in opposition could bring furious quarrels. Try not to cross the line so you don't have to regret it. Starting from Sunday, a favorable Mercury will open a period of really interesting news.

Libra: time for revenge!

Dear Libra, the torture is finally about to end! On Sunday the planet Mercury will change its sign and will no longer be in opposition. This will end this rather hard period that has blocked you in the last two months, especially in the workplace. A real rematch is on the way! Mars will also return to smile at you and you will immediately feel more serene and full of energy. Attention only to the moon in opposition on the weekend ...

Scorpio: no anxiety!

Dear Scorpio, yours will be a peaceful week, and you should take advantage of it: starting from Sunday, unfortunately, the planet Mercury will enter into opposition and promises to be a period full of complications. So try to settle any outstanding issues as much as possible, especially at work, without getting anxious. A favorable moon helps you to be successful on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sagittarius: don't wait!

Dear Sagittarius, in this period you and your partner are severely tested by the opposition of Venus, and you will need to find some peace of mind. The moon facilitates dialogue on Mondays, Tuesdays and weekends. Instead, avoid arguing between Wednesday and Thursday. Mercury, until Sunday, helps you achieve something important that you care about. If you have any requests, don't wait any longer!

Capricorn: don't give up!

Dear Capricorn, for another week you can count on the conjunction of Mars, which gives you strength and energy to sell! Use it to not give up at work if things don't go exactly the way you want: starting next week, everything will be fine. Love smiles at you and gives you all the support you need. Lucky Moon Days: Wednesday and Thursday. Days off: Friday and Saturday.

Aquarius: good news!

Dear Aquarius, your week starts off great with the moon conjunct Monday and Tuesday: good news or good opportunities are possible that could affect both work and private life. Favorable Venus strengthens your relationship and makes your feelings stronger and more intense. Make the most of the energy of Mercury which will remain favorable until Sunday to seize a good opportunity.

Pisces: love puzzles ...

Dear Pisces, your love life is getting more and more complicated! Venus unfavorable, instead of clarifying, creates confusion and it's up to you to try to understand how things really are with a rather enigmatic person ... At work, don't get too nervous: the good news will arrive starting next week, when you have Mercury on your side. part. A bit of a bad mood on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the moon in opposition ...

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