5 natural beauty oils for your skin care

Despite all the technologies available in the world of cosmetics, women all over the world still seem to prefer natural remedies.
Vegetable oils, essential oils, organic products, homeopathic treatments: grandmother's remedies seem to be the most effective.

For years we have said goodbye to cosmetic products full of parabens, in favor of BIO products that take care of our skin and our hair, in an effective but delicate way.

Specifically, natural oils, of plant origin, are the favorites of women all over the planet.
Whether it is ancient cultural traditions or a real recent revelation, natural oils are perfect for daily skin care: they have moisturizing, nourishing, purifying, soothing properties.
Each oil has a multitude of benefits and is ideal as a main ingredient for wraps and DIY products.

If you are ready to switch to a greener, eco-friendly and healthy beauty routine, here are the 5 natural oils essential for your skin care!

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1. Coconut oil

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A product with infinite functions and an irresistible scent, also widely used in the kitchen!
Use it on the skin to moisturize and apply it as a mask on the hair to nourish it. Perfect for making lip sticks, DIY scrubs and natural deodorants!
Recently also known for its products for dental hygiene and oil pulling.
The hot trick? Its being chemical-free makes it a perfect vaginal lubricant to try!
This from foodspring is 100% organic and prepared on a fair trade basis plus it is very affordable: it costs less than 7 euros!

Buy from foodspring for € 6.99

2. Argan oil

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An oil produced and discovered by Moroccan women.
Formerly used by Berber women to protect themselves from the strong winds of the North African regions.
Today it is still cultivated in the Argan forest, in southern Morocco, in women's cooperatives, where it is extracted from the fruit of the thorny argan.
Use it on the skin for its nourishing properties: it accelerates the regeneration process of facial skin cells and this makes it perfect for facilitating the healing of marks and scars.
There are many products based on Argan oil on the market: make sure you buy a pure and organic one, without petrolatum, like this one from WoldoHealth, produced in Morocco and certified organic.

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3. Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil, also known as Melaleuca oil is among the strongest natural antiseptics.
Used for internal use (mixed with honey or inhaled if diluted in boiling water) to treat pharyngitis, candida, colds, but also for topical use, useful for soothing and refreshing any inflammation.
Mainly used for healing purposes, recently also for cosmetic uses.
With purifying properties, it is used in cosmetics to rebalance the levels of sebum on oily skin and hair.
Also useful in the water of humidifiers or radiators, to purify the air in case of a cold.
In short, whatever use you will make of it, it is always good to keep a bottle of this essential oil at home!

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4. Castor oil

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High in minerals, proteins, vitamin E and Omega 6/9, castor oil can be used on the scalp to help prevent hair loss and is effective against folliculitis, dandruff and scalp infections. Ricinoleic acid content helps increase circulation in the scalp and visibly improves hair growth.
Lately it is highly sought after for cosmetic use not only on hair, but also on eyelashes and eyebrows: a natural way to stimulate growth and increase strength thanks to its keratin concentration.
We chose this one from Biologique which includes a set of applicators that makes it easy to apply to lashes, brows and selected areas.

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5. Sweet Almond Oil

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Emollient and elasticizing, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, almond oil is the most faithful ally of skin care and manages to combine multiple functions, useful when traveling, to be worn as a single product.
You can use it as a make-up remover, mixing a few drops with micellar water and as a moisturizer for the body, face and hair.
Suitable for massages, even professional ones is easily absorbed. Also used to remove ingrown hairs after waxing and to prevent stretch marks during a diet or pregnancy.
Given its multiple uses, we recommend this one from Naissance: 1 liter of product for € 11.99!

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