What to wear if you have big arms to feel on top!

The "problem" of big arms affects many women. It does not only show up in summer, with bare shoulders and arms, but also in other seasons: wearing tight-fitting dresses and tops becomes embarrassing, and not always covering up completely is the solution, especially if you love to change your style often. As we know, every woman has her obsessions and tries in every way to dress to enhance her strengths, learning to choose the right clothes if you are short, or if you have small breasts or if you are very prosperous. In short, each has its own


So here are our tips on how to dress to hide or diminish this "defect". But first of all, get ready for a shopping training session!

What to wear if you have big arms

Avoid bare arms
Generally speaking, it is best to avoid exposing your arms if they make you so embarrassed. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt, or even a short-sleeved shirt, is certainly preferable to wearing a tank top or a strapless top. Try to avoid shirts or tops with too big straps, because they will only accentuate the proportions, and the attention. , on the upper arms. A t-shirt or a shirt that is not structured, and not very tight, will be for you.

Pay attention to the length of the sleeves
Choosing the right sleeve length is crucial if you have big arms. If you want to wear a shirt or a t-shirt with short sleeves, for example, choose one with a low hem, which reaches just above the elbow: this will lengthen the figure and reduce the voluminous arms. long sleeves, don't be afraid to roll them up if you feel like it: the draping effect created by pulling up the cuffs will diminish the importance of the arms thanks to the volume created around them.

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Here's what to wear if you have big arms

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Avoid tight dresses and tops
For the upper part of the clothes you choose, or for tops and shirts of any kind, avoid adherence anyway! The reason is obvious: the tight fabrics only accentuate the lines of the body, including those that are not exactly harmonious. Eliminate fitted sleeves, and go for kimono or batwing sleeves instead. The volume of the fabric will detract from big arms and also give you a way to vary in looks. Contrary to what you might think, then, we do not recommend puffed sleeves: they create volume around the arms, it is true, but they are often tight at the hem, creating a puffy effect to avoid.

Choose models and colors carefully
The choice of top or shirt models and colors is also important to minimize a defect. Obviously, darker shades tend to thin more than light ones. In addition, it is better to avoid flashy prints, because they tend to emphasize rather than minimize a possible defect. If the fabric is adherent as well as printed, any deformation of the print would create a disastrous effect! Instead, remember a general rule: sobriety and simplicity of shapes and colors is always better than any excess.

Use a few little tricks
One of the most suitable tricks for reducing arms that are too large is to dress in layers. With the right clothing, dressing in layers doesn't add volume, it detracts from what's underneath! You can play with various layers of layers, which are not perfectly coincident, creating a game of all visible edges that tends to make the figure more dynamic. If instead you have to wear an evening dress, and maybe you have chosen a sleeveless dress, or even strapless, try to combine it with a stole or a short jacket, in this way the whole figure will be richer and more dynamic, and this will distract without exceeding those defects that make you insecure.

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