How to do the perfect sensual massage and where to do it

Do you feel the need to dare between the sheets with your boyfriend? Would you like to do something special for your anniversary or change your love sessions (especially if it's a lean period)? A great idea is to start with a nice massage, which is sensual and preliminary to many other massages ... rule number 1? To dare ... without exaggerating, however, as happens on video, look at:

1. How to prepare for a sensual massage

How to prepare for a hot massage? First of all think about the atmosphere: heat the room just enough, 25 ° is ideal. If the temperature is not correct, the muscles do not relax, the body contracts and there is no pleasure. Don't forget that you should be naked!create a "Zen atmosphere: dim the lights and unplug the cell phones so as not to be disturbed. Soft, relaxing music in the background sound should be fine. Arrange a bowl with aphrodisiac foods to intersperse the massages, without leaving out some bubbles to let go. Don't forget an essential oil diffuser: 3 drops of orange blossom will dampen the tension. Another tip: osate with massage oils, to choose partially fluids and greases so that they slide on the skin and are not sticky. You have the choice between: sweet almonds, apricot kernel, sesame ...

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2. How to massage the head

The partner is lying comfortably on his back, his head resting on a pillow. Kneel behind him, put your hands on his forehead and start caressing him: start from the nose and go up to the hair, alternating both hands. Repeat this movement about ten times, varying the intensity of the pressure, according to your partner's desire. Finally, place your palms on his temples and hold the position for two minutes. Remember that the ear is a very sensitive area. highly erogenous, which once stimulated, sends an electric shock deep in the stomach. Take advantage of it to tickle her and then force him to resist you ...

3. How to massage the back

The back is a very sensitive erogenous zone, stimulating it is always a "good idea, moreover this is very sensitive not only to touch, but also to the breath, the tongue and so on ... Stand at the height of his head and lean back. the palms of the hands in the upper part of his back. Slowly slide your hands up to the buttocks, you will give him "a feeling of muscular relaxation, downwards, in the direction of the feet. Exert a slight pressure on the buttocks, slide your hands on his hips then go up to the armpits before massaging the shoulders slightly upwards to return later to the starting position. Repeat this movement, gradually increasing the pressure. Don't forget to synchronize your gestures with your partner's breath: you go down when you exhale, go up when you inhale.

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4. How to massage the buttocks

The glutes are a preamble of what will be. So close to the private parts, touching them will already cause strong sensations in the partner. Then start with cuddles and caresses, then sit astride her buttocks (the position is already super sexy). Place your palms entirely on his buttocks, then massage them with ever wider circular movements. Gradually increase the pressure. Then place your hands under one of the buttocks and with the help of your thumbs, form a roll of skin that you will raise by pushing it towards the coccyx. In turn, massage both buttocks, and if your hand slips towards you his scrotum, do not worry, he will also appreciate a prostate massage

5. How to massage your feet

Another very sexy area are the feet, not surprisingly they are part of one of the most common fetishes. Take one of the feet with both hands and make gentle circular movements around both ankles with the thumb, in a clockwise direction. Do the same with the other foot. Then place only the first three fingers of both hands on the external malleolus of the ankles. Draw five circles, slowly, first in one direction and then in the other, before making the shape of 8. Continue, varying the pressure and the amplitude of the movements. Remember: the feet have 4 points of sexual stimulation, connected to the genital organs. A foot massage relaxes and excites at the same time, has a double benefit!

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