Hyenas Admit: "Blue Whale Suicide Videos Were Fake"

To admit it is Matteo Viviani, one of the historical characters of Hyenas, during an "interview made by Selvaggia Lucarelli, in which it is stated that the videos broadcast by the program regarding the suicides linked to the Blue Whale phenomenon would have been edited with the use of videos from the past that are not relevant to the topic dealt with. To unmask the operation, in fact, was the Facebook page "Anchovies as before", which revealed that most of the videos concerned cases that took place in China, and not in Russia - where the phenomenon occurred - and episodes dating back to 2010, so long before the phenomenon began.

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"I admit the levity in not having done all the checks", Viviani declared, who however defended the choice to have the films aired, because according to him "however, they were explanatory of what the service was talking about ". "It was just the starting point, did anything change if I put a 4 second voice over saying that those videos weren't connected to the Blue Whale?", Viviani would have added in the "interview with Lucarelli. Well, frankly we would like to say that yes, something would have changed, considering that Hyenas has always been presented as a reporting program that unmasks equivocal situations, scams and falsehoods, and also for a "simple" duty to report that should be based on certain and verified information, corresponding to the truth.

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In view of this episode, one therefore wonders if the information found on the net about the Blue Whale phenomenon is really reliable. After all, you know, the web can be able to amplify, demystify and transform the truth if not used with caution and correctly. It would therefore be good to turn to experts or competent people if there are any equivocal and worrying manifestations, and to avoid consulting exclusively the network, especially if there is a real need for help.

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