Belén: "Sex every day!"

Belén Rodriguez in a recent interview talked about her sex life, which after giving birth, which took place on April 9, did not suffer any setback. Indeed, the Argentine showgirl, mother of little Santiago, declared that she did the " love with Stefano De Martino every day.

"I make love every day. It works: for the skin, for the good mood, to ignore the criticisms. The same ones that come to me from those who envy me for this", says the model and presenter who continues, speaking of the after -partum: "I was told about a" quarantine ", about a period of abstinence after childbirth. But I tried it anyway: it was too early, however, and I saw the stars. I thought that I would never be there again successful ".

The Argentine showgirl also talked about a wedding, which according to rumors should be celebrated on September 20, Belèn's birthday: "One day I will get married, it will be a hip-chic wedding. Do you say so? Without too many people, elegant but cheerful. I have never confirmed this rumor, nor indicated a date, yet there are already those who ask me for an exclusive of the wedding or even to place the cameras in our house for a reality show ".

Belén and Stefano together with little Santiago