An unusual Belén confides via social media: "I felt wrong for everyone, unloved and fragile"

We are used to seeing her as a determined and unshakable "warrior" able to always get everything she wants, allergic to weaknesses and oblivious to the judgments of the world around her, yet this is not the case. Or at least, not only that. Even the queen of the Italian show has to live with fears and fragility, and does nothing to hide it. In fact, in these days, Belén has chosen to confide via social media, with a long message posted on Instagram about a dark period that she went through only some time ago.

'Some time ago, a few months ago, I had a bad time, I felt a lack of love, I felt fragile and vulnerable, you know those times when everything seems wrong and wrong, the days turned strange, I was frequently in a bad mood, I felt wrong for Slowly as the messengers passed I realized that I was really looking at everything with the wrong eyes, my projections were wrong, and so I did everything wrong, nothing was going well inside my mind. spirit, and I consider myself part of that group, when things have to be resolved in the end with commitment they are resolved, life gives you back the keys, and I saw the sun again, slowly rising shyly. And day after day everything was fine. and it started to turn in the right way. Often and gladly we sink into dark and hidden passages where we don't even know how we got there, but it can happen, once, twice, three and even ten times. But if we have willpower. , and sop ratutto if we believe in everything that is good around us everything is resolved, everything takes the right shape. Kids fight for your loves, for your loved ones, fight for your goals and your dreams. The satisfaction of reaching them with your own determination leads you to such happiness ... And it is priceless. Good day everyone. Your Belén'.

An unusual face that shown on this occasion by Mrs. De Martino, and we must admit that we do not mind at all. Between sexy shots and endless selfies we really appreciate the photo of a romantic sunset accompanied by encouraging words ... can't you find it too?

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