5 things men don't understand about menstruation (and they should!)

Men? I don't really understand what it means to be subjected to the menstrual cycle, a long thing, which does not end on the fifth day of menstruation. And not only that: they treat us almost as if we were plagued to avoid our hysterics, to buy us sanitary pads at the supermarket, and our sexual attempts despite the days being red ones. The truth is, they don't understand anything about what's happening to us: they just know it's a little gross. But maybe they don't know that there are really dirty things they touch every day, look:

1. Menstruation is part of the menstrual cycle

Hi, I'm on my period and my duration is about 28 days. Hence, the first phase of the menstrual cycle begins with menstruation, and lasts an average of 5 days. In this phase, the endometrium breaks down, which generates a loss of about 40 milliliters of blood mixed with necrotic cellular residues of the endometrium! This is just the first of the things they don't know about the menstrual cycle ...

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2. We will not bleed to death

There are many false myths about menstruation, one sees us women lying bled in a bed unable to understand and want. No, men! Even if we have "bleeding in progress, we can do anything, even a wheel!"
The cuddles then, of course, we like them all the same, but we can resist despite everything. Yes, we also believe that this makes us so cool.

3. The menstrual cup does not cause contagion

Our beloved menstrual cup is not infected and not a cause of contagion for anyone. Whenever it is used, it will always be sterilized.If it passes through your hands, they must not have a reaction as if it were the bacillus of the plague, it is just a menstrual cup: it is cheap, it is ecological, it does not absorb but collects the menstrual flow, it is tolerated even by allergic women or with very sensitive skin , in short, it is the future.

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4. Premenstrual syndrome exists

It exists and how! There is even a male premenstrual syndrome, let alone female! We want to be considered, loved and above all yes: understood, understood and tolerated. And let us cry even though we're watching Harry Potter!

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5. We have no less desire if we have menstruation

Men, we can still make love. Obviously, the sexual desire can be less, but it is not certain. And regardless of the idea you have, we can do it and indeed: we are more lubricated. The choice is yours, and us, of course ...

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Menstrual cup? Give it to us:

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