10 fun things to do together to get to know each other better

Sometimes what is missing is just an opportunity to do something different. Yet doing fun things together, when you know each other, but even when you don't know each other well yet, is easy enough. We give you some simple and cute ideas to beat boredom!
Here's something you could try to do together, look here:

  1. · 1. Get him to put your makeup on
  2. · 2. Watch a series together in one day
  3. · 3. A medieval themed evening together
  4. · 4. Making pizza together
  5. · 5. Buy a suit for each other
  6. · 6. Play a game of football together
  7. · 7. Make each a portrait of the other
  8. · 8. Prepare sushi together
  9. · 9. Make a phone prank together
  10. · 10. Go to IKEA together

1. Get him to put your makeup on

Take the risk, experience the danger and yes ... let me be your make up artist. If at the end of the feat you look like a Picasso painting, you will finally be able to change your Facebook profile photo! And if he eventually becomes a makeup enthusiast?

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2. Watch a series together in one day

We advise you to choose a mini-series, because if you go to things like Gray's Anatomy, you risk living together for a month without washing and without eating.

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3. A medieval themed evening together

Well yes: wooden cutlery, no food imported from the Americas, no electricity, no cell phones. How could such an evening go? We believe well, a fun role-playing game could also be born between the master of the castle and a simple peasant ...

4. Make pizza together

Are you addicted to pizza? Perfect! Apron, white hat, water and flour: we already see you arguing over the quantities and cooking times. If you don't want to go for the classic Neapolitan, read here an "alternative idea. And in the end it could also happen that from the food you get to something more spicy ...

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5. Buy a suit for each other

One hour of time, the same shop, ready to go and go! In the end, everyone has to dress up the other and go to the cashier, clearly with a pre-established budget. It would be like a shopping session, where instead of trying to commit suicide because of you, he treats you like a tramp for the sheer pleasure of mocking you! Too bad that then he will have to wear Snoopy's boxers ...

6. Play a game of football together

I believe you will choose to stand in the door, just to take care of your manicure while everyone is running. Yet doing this together could not only activate hormones, but also be very cuddly and fun! Go and plead the memory of Holly Hutton ...

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7. Make each a portrait of the other

So you will have a clear idea of ​​how he sees you: maybe he could end the relationship (we joke), or maybe you could discover an indisputable talent! Wasn't it like you were with Van Gogh and you didn't know it?

8. Prepare the sushi together

We wish you a good cook, for several reasons, but above all because it is not easy to try your hand at the art of sushi! Obviously, if you succeed in the arduous task, maybe after you order a sandwich, while waiting you could imitate Samantha who is waiting for Smith to Valentine's day...

9. Make a phone prank together

The oldest joke in the world, but a glass of wine and handsfree always make phone jokes a blast. Like dear old Frank Matano, why not dare with the receiver in hand?

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10. Go to IKEA together

IKEA: where every wish comes true, at least three hours in all kitchens to act as if it were your home. The challenge is to try out all the rooms by pretending to live together. You might not like its taste? Or maybe his way of making the bed? Experiment to believe.

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Instead, here's something fun that would do you really good to do ...

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