Test: which Disney villain are you based on your zodiac sign?

None of us are helpless in the face of the dark side of our neighbor and even our personal side. There are times when we love the dark side of the other and others when we love ours. Obviously there is no light without darkness, so perhaps we also love, and sometimes more, our evil Disney heroes. In fact, in addition to being often characters of great elegance and humor, they all have a certain tenacity and determination. Before you find out which Disney villain you are, watch this video and learn more about your favorite princesses:

Test: which Disney villain are you based on your zodiac sign?

Could we love our Disney heroes so much if they didn't have their villains fighting them? We owe a lot to our evil heroes, without them we would have no stories to tell. The undisputed fascination of their wickedness is sometimes overwhelming, and we are sure that like us, you too have identified with some villain. So are you curious to find out which villain you are? Take the test, your zodiac sign reveals it:

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