Dreaming of lice - find out what these parasites mean in the language of dreams

There are those who give great importance to dreams and always let themselves be guided by their meanings. And there are also those who usually pay little attention to dreams and do not dwell on the messages that our unconscious sends us during the night. But when you find yourself dreaming (and remembering having done it) something particular it is normal to wonder what it means!

Let's talk about lice

Lice are the small insects that live and reproduce on the human head not only in poor hygiene conditions but perhaps as a result of accidental contact with a person who has them. They actually appear even when the hair is very clean and it is no coincidence that young children are the favorite victims of lice.
The female lays the eggs and in a couple of days the young are born. It is not possible to prevent the appearance of these annoying insects but there are special shampoos in the pharmacy to send them away quickly!

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Dreaming of lice - what does it mean

Often a "louse" is metaphorically considered to be a morally poor and limited person. It is therefore not surprising that this metaphor turns into a dream in which the louse impersonates those who actually annoy our days. We can dream of people who we consider invasive, but also worthy of blame and limited, as if they were lice. In the same way we can identify with these annoying animals those who have a parasitic role towards us.

When you dream of lice or any other type of parasite in general, the dream is characterized by disgust emotions that we usually reserve for these insects. The sensations that such a dream gives us are anxiety, fear, nervousness. Insects are symbolically invasive figures who enter our life without being invited. This is why those who dream of a louse or more lice, or even fleas or ticks, feel attacked by something in real life, targeted in some situation. And this manifests itself with discomfort that turns into itching and burning as well as obviously from the attempt to get rid of it, which symbolically represents the reaction on the part of those who dream of chasing away all adversities from their lives. In some cases, for lice they could also indicate aspects of one's character that we would like to get rid of, why they annoy us and why we no longer fully reflect ourselves. Who dreams of lice is a very sensitive person who can sometimes be experiencing a moment of low self-confidence or lack of self-esteem. Dreaming of lice is not the only recurring dream when you are agitated. Discover also the other frequent dreams characterized by negative emotions and stress!

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The meaning in the past

At one time, dreaming of lice had a positive value, of abundance. Because of the lice it was considered that there were so many, that they reproduced without problems: they were therefore a metaphor of wealth, abundance and in some way they were a metaphor for children who, albeit in a broad sense, did not have autonomy from their parents (they were therefore parasites), they were always attached to them.
For Freud, on the other hand, it was the opposite: dreaming of lice represented refusal of an oncoming child or, in the case of a particularly young age, of the dreamer, something related to the refusal of a possible brother or sister on the way.

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All the emotions of those who dream of lice

Today, dreaming of lice is undoubtedly the mirror of a turbulent moment of life characterized by negative emotions, feelings of irritation, stress, anger and nervousness. It can be a time when you are facing serious difficulties and you feel overwhelmed by their weight. Those who dream of lice often find themselves in a moment of their life in which they fight against oppression, exploitation, physical or psychological abuse of any kind. Often we sleep badly when we dream of lice and wake up tired and agitated!

Specific meanings of dreaming about lice

Depending on the situation you find yourself experiencing during the dream, dreaming about lice takes on a different meaning in interpretation. If lice or eggs are on someone else's head it means that our problems seem easier to solve and more immediate. However, if this someone else is a child or a loved one, it can indicate that we are anxious about him.
If, on the other hand, the lice or their eggs are on our head, it means that we feel the cumbersome presence of events or situations that worry us. The lice color that we have dreamed of can also be the bearer of a different message, if the lice are black it is a negative dream that probably symbolizes a problem in my life that afflicts me and that I cannot solve. If they are white, on the other hand, it indicates a problem that will be overcome in a positive and brilliant way. Have you dreamed of having so many lice walking on your face and this has created disgust? Yet the dream is clear: a job promotion will come soon!

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The numbers to play

According to the cabal, the lot number representing the louse is 37 and it cannot be missing from the numbers chosen if you have just dreamed of lice. Then there are variants: 41 is the number to play if you dreamed of a row of lice running along your body, 12 the one to choose if in the dream you found lice on someone else's head, for example a child!

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