The shoes to show off during the Christmas holidays: the trendiest models to be at the top!

During the Christmas holidays we are all focused on the look to show off: elegant and chic or more casual and witty, perfect for those who do not like to take themselves too seriously. But to be truly at the top, one must not neglect a fundamental detail: the shoes! After all, we women know it well. Shoes are able to light up impersonal outfits and give them an irresistible touch. But which style to choose to be at the top? Elegant and sophisticated, casual-chic or sport style? There are many options among which you can range to best express your personality and accompany your favorite look with cool shoes that will leave everyone speechless. Below you can find a series of special proposals to show off original and trendy footwear in these Christmas 2016 holidays!

Elegant shoes: the trendiest choices for Christmas 2016!

Sophisticated and bon ton or sensual and gritty; the "elegance this year" travels on a double track, even if it requires an essential detail: the heel. Whether you want a preppy-style patent leather shoe or a brightly colored ankle boot in full Christmas spirit, still aim for a few centimeters of heel. It will make you irresistible! And for the colors? You can indulge yourselves: from the classic black and red - always a must-have that cannot be renounced at parties - to the less conventional and more pop colors: pink above all, which this year is one of the most popular and cleared shades.

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Casual-chic: the perfect shoes to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time!

You don't like heels and want to feel at ease and in complete comfort without sacrificing style? Don't worry, sporty-chic will save you. There are many more casual footwear ideas that will still allow you to be super trendy. From derby models, proposed in bright and very feminine colors - including gold, perfect for the Christmas atmosphere - agile lace-up ankle boots to sneakers embellished with glitter or the timeless, and very comfortable, Ugg. Here are the coolest proposals for lovers of sobriety who, however, do not know how to say no to a touch of fashion.

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