The right push-up bra for you!

Not necessarily designed for small breasts, the push up bra is not to be considered only as a trick to increase the size of the breasts. It highlights the breasts under the clothes and is a faithful ally of every woman, with all types of breasts. It also makes you feel better posturally, helping you stay straight.

  1. The 3 effects of the push-up bra
  2. What are the best push-up bras brands?
  3. Glamorous Wonderbra
  4. · Which push up model for me?
  5. · Clavin Klein Push-up Plunge
  6. Lovable My Daily Push-up
  7. · Dobreva Lace bra
  8. Iris & Lilly Push-up

The 3 effects of the push-up bra

  • Support : the push-up must mainly support the chest, the main role of any bra.

  • Curve: This bra is usually equipped with bearings , these small integrated or removable pads inside the cups, will enhance your breasts. For generous breasts, there are models without these accessories and whose design is sufficient to reshape and improve the shape of the breasts.

  • A plunging neckline: the push up is a lingerie item that highlights the breasts.
    But be careful to choose the right size or you risk your breasts overflowing from the cups!

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What are the best push-up bras brands?

The first push-up bras weren't very successful when they came out in the '60s, an era that most enhanced an androgynous look.
It is the Wonderbra brand that, in the 90s, massively relaunched the concept in lingerie departments all over the world.
Since then, all brands have followed suit and today we find push-ups everywhere, at all prices and all styles. From the floral cotton model to the colorful lace bra for a femme fatale neckline.

Wonderbra Glamorous

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Which push up model for me?

There are different shapes of push up bra, which fit each of our clothes.

With V-neckline or open in the center

If you intend to wear a generously low-cut top, choose a push-up with very low cups and a low-cut band that reveals the bustline.

Clavin Klein Push-up Plunge

© Buy on Amazon for € 46

For the most prosperous

Lovable has always been the favorite brand of curvy women.
The model we suggest will adapt perfectly to your soft curves, without forcing it, while still managing to support it to the fullest.

Lovable My Daily Push-up

© Buy on Amazon for € 13.42

The sexiest model

Push-ups have always been associated with lingerie and a nice neckline immediately stimulates the desire of the beholder, but if you want to give a "wow" touch to your push-up, choose a model that fastens (and unfastens) on the front!

Dobreva Lace bra

© Buy on Amazon for € 18.99

The universal push-up

It is not said that you should only wear push-up under the neckline. Here is a model by Iris & Lilly, comfortable and economical, perfect for everyone. Without too many frills, perfect for every day. You also find it in several different colors.

Iris & Lilly Push-up


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