39 photos prove that midwives do the best job in the world

Ok, childbirth is a painful moment, the most painful in a woman's life: to understand, just from a distance, when you take a "look at the video.

But all the pain and fatigue disappear when her little face appears in our arms.
Often, however, we stop to think only of the point of view of us parents, but there "is" another person who shares the delivery room with us, who helps and supports us: the midwife.

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© Brooke Walsh / Peace Love Babies

Midwives accompany families for 9 months, comfort mothers and are always there in times of need. That's why an American photographer wanted to collect 39 significant photos in order to pay homage to these magical women.

© Kimberlin Gray Photography Midwife, the best job in the world

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