Anti-aging drinks: the concentrates to drink to look younger

"Whoever wants to look beautiful has something to suffer" our grandmothers used to say; but today beauty is less and less "painful" and more and more easy to obtain, with good habits and some small investments.

Not only creams, treatments, make-up products, massages and so on and so forth; now to be beautiful, feel fit and, above all, fight the signs of aging (or at least delay them as much as possible), there are drinks that contain substances such as collagen or hyaluronic acid, capable of acting from within.

Even the stars, for whom time often seems not to pass, have their beauty secrets. Do you want to discover those of the beautiful (50-year-old) Cindy Crawford? Watch this video!

Beauty drinks: what they are and how they work

Also known as "boost beverage", or support drinks, beauty drinks have invaded the pharmaceutical market in recent years and promise to be an anti-aging potion capable of giving beautiful skin and slowing the appearance of dreaded wrinkles.

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These drinks practically contain all those nutrients that act positively for skin health, such as vitamins, amino acids, antioxidant plant extracts.

Of course, normally a person should get all these elements thanks to a balanced diet, so the drinks themselves would be a "supplement."

The downside could be found in the other substances possibly added, such as preservatives and emulsifiers that make them palatable, but which are not so healthy.
So, before relying on these new "youth concentrates", it is always better to consult a doctor and carefully read the contents of the package.

Anti age drink: which one to choose

On the market you can find several, each with specific functions and active ingredients present in the formula (almost all, however, contain collagen). These are the newest to choose from.

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Who knows if even Hollywood stars include these super drinks in their diets ... Surely they have some secrets to keep themselves young. Look at these celebrities all over 40 in the gallery! Would you say it?

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