How to get rid of dandruff: an annoying blemish common to many

If you're wondering how to get rid of dandruff, you've come to the right article. Being one of the most feared and at the same time frequent annoyances for both men and women, we wanted to create a guide with useful tips to get rid of it once and for all. small white cuticles appearing in the hair.
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Knowing dandruff to eliminate it: the triggers

The appearance of dandruff in the hair is usually due to an accelerated turnover of epithelial cells, caused by the irritating fatty acids produced by a fungus, Malassezia furfur, which feeds on sebum.
Dead cells first take on a whitish or yellowish color and turn into scales, cover the skin of the scalp and often give more or less mild itching. Finally, they gradually detach from the skin. This leads to the appearance of dandruff, a very annoying presence, which can inflame the skin of the scalp and, although rarely, causes more hair loss than the usual effluvium. Excessive sebum production depends on many factors, often linked to temporary or genetic hormonal phenomena. The triggering causes of dandruff are actually many: skin that is too dry, but also skin that is too oily due to excess sebum, which causes seborrheic dermatitis and irritation, then psoriasis, very intense and frequent washing or too spaced with little shampoo delicates and cosmetics for overly aggressive hair such as heavy sprays, rather oily gels, foams and poor quality hair dyes. However, we must also take into account other very important triggers of dandruff that are sometimes underestimated: an inadequate or excessive diet and too rich in bad fats, the weakness of the immune system due to stress or due to intense and prolonged therapies and not least a hereditary genetic predisposition. The causes are many, but even the remedies are no joke!

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Dandruff in the hair and on clothes: a problem that creates discomfort and embarrassment.

Sometimes a light brushing is enough and those whitish flakes, often almost transparent, detaching from the skin, appear in the hair or even worse they are deposited in a very evident way like snowflakes on the clothes, creating embarrassment in the person concerned, who fears to create in the others a false image of sloppiness and poor personal hygiene. A completely unmotivated sensation since dandruff is usually only a consequence of the excess sebum produced by the glands in the skin of the scalp. However, as we have seen, the fault is not just oily skin! Furthermore, itching often leads to scratching with the nails, a somewhat embarrassing and even inadvisable gesture, because it can cause small lesions of the skin and irritation of the follicles.
But do not worry, it is useless to be disheartened and above all do not lose patience (even stress makes the situation worse!). The important thing is that this inconvenience can also be remedied naturally: constant and appropriate care, a special treatment with specific and quality products for the care of the skin of the scalp and suitable treatments for the well-being of the hair and you will soon get very satisfactory results. To remedy this situation, we must frame it well and first of all remember that there are two types of dandruff:

  • dry dandruff, with thin and whitish scales, which easily detach from the skin and fall off with the passage of the comb or brush.
  • oily dandruff, with larger and yellowish scales, much more attached to the skin and hair and also much more itchy.

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The first natural remedy for the problem of dandruff: the right diet.

The lack of essential fatty acids and antioxidants really affects the composition of the sebum, the excess of which makes the hair greasy and dirty in a short time even after a careful shampoo. Therefore, eat foods rich in polyunsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 antioxidants (sardines, mackerel, herring, bonito, seaweed, soybean and sunflower seed oil, dried fruit, wheat and corn germs, sesame, vegetables and red and orange fruits , milk, shellfish, citrus fruits, parsley, lettuce, cabbage, garlic, onion, all kinds of legumes, whole grains, parsley, chicory, cabbage, kiwi) and you will keep away both dry and greasy dandruff scales.

Another way to get rid of dandruff scales: grandma's remedies

Natural and effective, the famous do-it-yourself remedies against dandruff are really excellent, such as short massages on the skin with bicarbonate mixed with rose water, and then rinsed, but without using shampoo. The scales will peel off easily, providing quick relief to the skin of the scalp.
Olive oil is also excellent for the care of our hair, which has particular moisturizing properties designed to repair fragile and dry hair. It should be massaged on the tips in the evening and left overnight.
The effectiveness of the aloe vera gel is well known against dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and itching, which should be massaged on the skin of the head and left on for about thirty minutes before proceeding with the shampoo. The skin does not become oily but hydrated and Healthy! Another precious natural remedy is apple cider vinegar, mixed with water and sprayed with a spray dispenser. Also very useful are the compresses of ventilated clay and the infusion of thyme to rinse the hair as well as the natural and do-it-yourself masks, for example a mixture of avocado and coconut oil or the one that involves mixing two tablespoons of honey beaten with an egg. Let's not forget the effectiveness of some herbal remedies, essential oils and plant extracts such as chilli pepper, always for topical use, which are able to eliminate the problem of dandruff.

An excellent way to get rid of dandruff is also to resort to tea tree oil, which has valuable properties that make it a good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment.
Even the salt, the coarse one, for its exfoliating properties fights above all oily dandruff. After the massage it is advisable to make a delicate and non-aggressive shampoo and clean the skin with great care.

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Traditional medicine and pharmacy products: another way to get rid of dandruff and dermatitis

There is no real medical treatment for dandruff. There are no real pharmacological remedies, therefore, but there are many valid exfoliating and moisturizing lotions, anti-dandruff shampoos and antifungals. Cortisones are used only in particular cases of dry dandruff, but really in the final analysis, as natural remedies are preferable to products that can always have contraindications, even if used only for topical use. For dandruff, natural products such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil are also on the market. These substances are not suitable for oily dandruff. In fact, when the cause is dermatitis these substances are not beneficial but on the contrary they can be harmful. If the problem of dandruff has been affecting you for a long time and if natural remedies cannot be useful for your case, always ask your dermatologist for advice who will be able to recommend an appropriate therapy to eliminate dandruff from your head and your thoughts forever!

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