Edematous cellulite: causes, symptoms, prevention and remedies

Cellulite, fibro-edematous pancholopathy, orange peel skin, whatever you call it, the result does not change. This alteration of the tissues involves more or less evident imperfections that can create a lot of inconvenience to the person who is affected. women, regardless of weight and size, also affects a small minority of men and is not just a defect, but a real disease of the circulatory system. There are 3 stages and in this article we will focus in particular on the first , also known as edematous cellulite. Let's find out together what it is, the symptoms and the causes, how to prevent and combat it, keeping in mind that our value and our beauty go far beyond the signs present on our body.

But before you start reading, watch this video and find out which are the best anti-cellulite exercises to improve blood circulation!

What is edematous cellulite

This particular type of cellulite represents the first stage of water retention. Edematous cellulite does not involve particular discomfort as it is almost completely imperceptible unless we do a light pressure with the fingers on the affected area. Only in this way appears what is more commonly known as orange peel skin. In general, edematous cellulite makes the tissues more swollen and less elastic, but, not being at an advanced stage, it is a manageable and partly repairable situation.

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How edematous cellulite is formed

Cellulite, at whatever stage it is found, is a skin imperfection that affects different parts of the body, but mainly buttocks, arms, thighs and hips. It is possible to run into this condition when, at the subcutaneous level, there is an adipose accumulation. This thickening generates obstructions due to which the cells struggle to expel water and consequently swell. This phenomenon, known as water retention, creates pressure on the blood vessels and prevents proper blood circulation. It is at this point that we witness the formation of edema, a stagnation of never drained liquids, and cellulite appears on the skin.

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The stages of cellulite

Perhaps not everyone knows, but there are 3, in order of severity, the stages in which cellulite can manifest itself on the skin:

First stage: edematous cellulite.
What it implies: subcutaneous swelling, imperfections not yet evident, elasticity and tone of the skin rather intact.

Second stage: fibrous cellulite.
What it implies: thickening of fat cells, accumulation of toxins, the appearance of orange peel skin, thicker and harder skin.

Third stage: sclerotic cellulite.
What it implies: multiplication and union of nodules, dilated capillaries, the appearance of deep holes on the skin.

Cellulite in men

Although cellulite mainly affects women, men are also not immune to it. It has been shown, in fact, that 4 out of 10 males show clear signs of this imperfection due to hormonal imbalances, a sedentary lifestyle and excessive intake of fatty and caloric foods.

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The causes of edematous cellulite

Orange peel skin afflicts us in many, but have we ever wondered why it appears? In this regard, it should be noted that the triggering causes of cellulite in general and of edematous cellulite in particular can be of different types:

  • increase in adipose tissue
  • bad habits
  • pathologies such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes or obesity
  • an unhealthy lifestyle
  • genetic predisposition
  • wrong feeding
  • hormonal dysfunctions (this can be a side effect due to the use of the birth control pill)
  • sedentary lifestyle or incorrect postures

Symptoms of edematous cellulite

Since it is not only a simple aesthetic “defect”, but a tissue pathology in all respects, cellulite also involves symptoms in the person who is affected by it. The main ones are: heaviness, swelling and, only in some cases, even pain. Legs, buttocks, stomach and thighs are the most critical areas and the main parts of the body to experience the symptoms of edematous cellulite.

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How to prevent cellulite

The only form of anti-cellulite prevention is to revolutionize and improve your lifestyle. It is therefore necessary to eliminate certain bad habits, integrating those that are good and capable of blocking this skin imperfection in the bud. In general, taking care of your health and well-being is a first step to avoid diseases of this type. Let's see in more detail what can be the most effective measures to prevent edematous cellulite:

  • Eat well: Avoid fatty foods, preferring lean proteins (e.g. white meat), fruits (blueberries and citrus fruits) and vegetables (peppers are known for their anti-cellulite benefits). This diet allows us to increase muscle mass, relieving pressure on blood vessels, and results in a marked improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body.
  • Dress comfortably: say goodbye to constricting clothing, skinny jeans in the first place, and dizzying shoes that block blood circulation, favoring the accumulation of subcutaneous fluids.
  • Get moving: regular physical activity can be an excellent solution with which to prevent and counteract the imperfections of cellulite. In particular, you prefer water aerobics or free body exercises and, more generally, medium intensity sports with which to firm up the tissues, strengthen the muscles and, consequently, facilitate the drainage of liquids.
  • Drink: water is one of the most powerful anti-cellulite allies. Drinking 2 liters of water a day helps the body maintain an excellent level of hydration and allows the body to get rid of excess toxins.
  • Change habits: in addition to a sedentary lifestyle and calorie-rich foods, it is necessary to get rid of particularly harmful vices such as smoking and alcohol.

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Edematous cellulite: all the remedies to combat it

If cellulite has already appeared or, worse, is at an advanced stage, making any preventive action vain, all that remains is to resort to alternative solutions to combat the orange peel or, at least, reduce it. Here, then, are the main anti-cellulite remedies to combine with a healthy and balanced diet and constant physical activity:

  • retinol creams (buy it on Amazon at a special price!)
  • lymphatic drainage massages to tone the tissue and stimulate regular blood circulation
  • microsurgery treatments to dissolve accumulations of fat and tone the tissues. Let's see the main ones:
    > pressotherapy: mechanical massage with a draining action (buy the kit with free shipping on Amazon)
    > laserliposi: dissolution of fat concentrations
    > iontophoresis: application of a drug in the epidermis with the use of current
    > mesotherapy: injection of a drug through the needles

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Natural remedies against edematous cellulite

In addition to the solutions listed above, there are also natural remedies that can be used to fight against cellulite and stem its spread, such as:

  • Burdock and dandelion, two herbs able to stimulate diuresis and expel excess fluids
  • Java tea and birch herbal tea, drinks rich in potassium and organic acids with beneficial action on the kidneys
  • Seaweed mud, a treatment with draining power (buy them conveniently on Amazon!)

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