Blake Lively's foolproof method of not getting fat to copy now!

If we already loved her a lot, after this hilarious news - to be copied immediately, moreover - Blake becomes the undisputed heroine of all of us. Yes: beautiful as the sun, rich, lucky and with a life - and a husband - of dreams, Mrs Reynolds is also nice like few others.That's right: not only does she radiate humility from all pores, she sports a smile that spreads everyone out and is one of the few new VIP mothers who does not hide in the house with the extra pounds accumulated during pregnancy - and indeed, to enhance them on the red carpet - but it also reminds us over and over that we are just like all of us, normal women. And you say little ...

In fact, recently, the anti-diva par excellence, beautiful as few, declared that she was resorting to a decidedly bizarre trick to try to stay away, her!, From temptations and extra pounds:"I keep a photo of Gisele Bündchen in a bikini, a very tight bikini, in the freezer. In front of the ice cream". A decidedly brilliant technique, which we pin down immediately and which makes it once again our favorite VIP.

And now, tell us: how can you not love her?

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