5 tips to learn to listen more

Know yourself, the ancients said.
And what better way to get to know each other than to start giving more space to listening to oneself?
Listening to yourself is essential to identify mainly what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad.
Of course, going from a state of stress to one of total serenity like a Zen monk is really very difficult.This is why you have to proceed step by step, in order to open yourself to listening to yourself gradually. And before revealing our 5 moves, look at these exercises to do in the mirror to love yourself more:

1. Never deny the past

The past, mistakes, experiences and memories represent who we are. However negative or unhappy our experience may be, we cannot erase it with a swipe of the sponge.
It is useless to blame ourselves for past mistakes and equally foolish to think about what would have happened if we had made different choices: we are here, we have survived events and we are as we are and we cannot go back.
We can reconcile with our past and admit that sometimes we have not been honest or that we are simply not infallible.
It is therefore important, both in a negative and a positive sense, to learn from your past.

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2. Remove everything that hurts us

Do a detox and no, we are not just talking about herbal teas and centrifuges but about detoxifying from everything that makes us sick, even when it comes to people.
Whether it is work, family or any other aspect of our life, we need to establish limits beyond which no one can pass.
A complicated and painful relationship only takes away our time and energy, resources that we could use for ourselves.
A little bit of healthy selfishness is essential to live peacefully and carve out your own vital space.

3. Learn to feel good on your own

You should never be afraid of being alone with your thoughts and yet there are people who, alone, just don't know how to stay.
Loneliness is often associated with sadness due to the usual legacies and social conventions according to which a single person at dinner is a sad or depressed person.
Being alone and feeling alone are completely different things and just a little loneliness gives us the necessary space to reflect and get in touch with our emotions, not to mention having time for oneself, maybe just to take a walk or a hot bath is a lifesaver for our nerves.

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4. The body never lies

Hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain. These are some of the signs that we should begin to respect. An example? Everyone happens to feel bored and eat out of boredom or, on the contrary, to be busy and continue working without taking a break and even without eating anything.
Not drinking enough water or going to work when we have a fever are small disrespect for ourselves. The body, after all, is our first home: we have to live in it every day of our life and it is important to learn to listen to it and heed the signals it sends us.

5. Listen to your instincts

Sixth sense, intuition, instinct, belly. Whatever we want to call them, those spontaneous and primal emotions are essential for learning to know and listen to us.
An example? Chefs from all over the world recommend, at the restaurant, to order the first course that makes our taste buds vibrate when we read its name. We will rarely regret the choice.
Of course, we cannot rely on instinct for really important decisions but it is good to put rationality aside a little and listen to what our heart tells us. Making a choice is never easy but by reasoning with the mind and with the belly, our decision will be personal and heartfelt and the risk of regretting it or worse, blaming someone else, will be significantly reduced.

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