Furnishing a small terrace: ideas to exploit every centimeter

To furnish a small terrace and make it absolutely functional, a few precautions are enough. In this article we will guide you in choosing the right style, decorative elements and colors to ensure that the whole is perfect for spending your moments of relaxation. To get a general idea of ​​the various styles of furniture, we have prepared a video that you find below: look at it and choose the style that best represents you.

Main solutions for furnishing a small terrace

Often the spaces for furnishing a small terrace are really limited, so it is necessary to think of alternative ideas with space-saving solutions, taking full advantage of every centimeter, eliminating unnecessary objects and avoiding placing furniture or furnishings that obstruct the actually walkable space.
If you have a small terrace or a small balcony, you can follow our advice that will adapt well to both areas of the house. Having a space outside the house, albeit small, is very important to be able to catch some fresh air, letting yourself be conquered by the view, which is also urban. To reach the final goal it will not be necessary to spend exaggerated amounts, thanks to the wise choice of beautiful and functional furnishing elements and accessories, even with a small budget it will be possible to create a habitable and personalized outdoor space, making full use of the surface of a space that would otherwise remain unusable. Taking advantage of heights and angles becomes essential while the presence of a railing allows you to hook elegant pot holders for potted plants, flowers or other decorations such as lights.

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How to furnish a small and square terrace

If you have a small, square-shaped terrace, here's what you can do. Usually we tend to fill the center with a table and chairs, or on the contrary, we can take advantage of the perimeter, leaving the center empty. Even leaning the table against benches can be useful in order to leave the rest free to furnish it with vases or functional elements such as the barbecue.
The small and square terrace lends itself well to being transformed into a small greenhouse in which to place your favorite plants and flowers, using the cultivation method at various levels to recreate a vegetable garden or vertical garden.
If you have a green thumb and love to relax at any time of the day in your green corner, then you can recreate a real garden even on the terrace. Here's how to do it.
Get a pallet, and arrange it in such a way as to create different shelves on which to arrange the pots according to the needs of the plants, if they will need more or less sunlight.
If, on the other hand, your idea is to use the terrace to host friends and have a good drink together, you will have to look for a folding table and chairs (better in plastic or wood): if necessary, it will take very little to set up a mini station for aperitif, and it will also be easy to put everything away once the event is over.
Depending on the chairs and the table chosen, we can place two hooks to hang everything and take advantage of the heights, keeping the rest of the terrace free.
Finally, another idea for lovers of contact with nature is to use a colored outdoor carpet, which will be perfect for isolating from the floor, furnishing and allowing you to walk barefoot.

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Ideas for decorating a small, long and narrow terrace

Very often those with a small balcony or terrace find themselves having to try to furnish an elongated and rather narrow shape. When the size of the space includes a longer side, a small sofa can be placed by placing it on the short side of the wall, thus creating a space for 1 or 2 people. In addition, a rectangular table, chairs or even stools will be placed, and finally the pots of plants and flowers.
To take advantage of the railing, you can hook cup holders or shelves or shelves for small objects. They will be perfect for placing some snacks during a party with friends.
To decorate the balcony railing, if present, use an LED strip to be twisted all around and that will make the environment cheerful and romantic. Even Christmas-themed lights, if the season permits, will make a good impression.
In one of the corners you can place a portable barbecue, always ready for use and perfect for satisfying the desire for grilling in the height of summer or even in other seasons!

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Furnishing a small terrace: the role of lighting

Having the right light available plays a fundamental role in the beauty of the whole terrace. Using light bulbs attached to the wall, for example, in addition to enhancing small spaces, embellishes the environment and ensures that you can take advantage of the space even in the evening: a dinner or a moment of pure relaxation with the right lights will be even more unforgettable.
If you love the ethnic style, the openwork lanterns will be perfect to illuminate and at the same time give off a sweet scent, thanks to the candles hidden inside them. A few tricks are enough to make the atmosphere really soft and pleasant.
If you love to spend hours on the terrace reading, directional spotlights will be useful: you just need to orient them to be able to fully enjoy the power of the LED and to better illuminate the point where we will position ourselves.

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The ideal floor for a small terrace

To embellish and make the design of your home terrace unique, you can intervene on the floor. There are many coverings to choose from and the choice will have to be weighted also taking into account the preferred style and color, which will guarantee further charm to the space. If you do not have the opportunity to do real works, in addition to the advice given in the previous paragraphs to use a specific carpet for outdoors, you can adopt a "fake" outdoor floor, a simple solution that allows you to have a new surface. in a few minutes, simply by overlapping the original floor with the new tiles. In this way it will be easy to recreate a parquet, a marble or any other type of flooring.
If, on the other hand, we have budget available and we can do some work, then the choice may fall on tiles that better conform to the context.

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Furnish a small terrace with cushions

Don't the ideas proposed so far convince you? Then we propose another one.If it is true that the terrace becomes for many a place of total relaxation, what could be more comfortable than cushions? Here's how to use them to make the terrace welcoming and above all colorful and super soft!
The furnishing solution with cushions is certainly cheap and very simple: just choose cushions of your favorite shape, large and small, even very different from each other but which have some elements in common (eg fabrics); your small terrace can be transformed into a realm of personalized well-being.
Minimum expense, maximum yield: in a short time you will have created a cozy and colorful corner to enjoy to relax or to spend time in company in the open air.

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