3 tips for choosing the bedroom

A child's room is in fact a blank canvas for his creativity, which can transport him to distant, magical and adventurous worlds. For this reason, it is important to imagine one that is "manipulable", which is both functional for you and "magic" proof for him.

If you are thinking of designing your child's bedroom, here are some useful tips to make it practical and creative.

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The bedroom is much more than a room.

For children, the bedroom is not a room but the whole world! Choosing the bedroom for our children is a great challenge, because a parent knows well that in that space the little ones will spend a lot of time every day. Choosing a bedroom that can make children's stay pleasant, but also capable of responding to all their daily needs is essential! In the bedroom, children and teenagers find the place where they can feel safe, the place where they can express their creativity and obviously also the place where they sleep well: here it is then that it becomes crucial to create in their room all the suitable conditions to rest well, but also to stimulate them. If you are wondering if it is right to involve children in the choice of their bedroom, the answer is undoubtedly yes! Indeed, doing so is the right way to start giving your children responsibilities and the opportunity to express ideas and tastes. Making them feel involved and protagonists in the choice is in fact essential to teach them a sense of responsibility but also to make them feel immediately at ease in the home environment that represents them more than any other.

And if it is perfectly right for your children to choose the shapes and colors of their bedroom with you, it is equally important to rely on a highly experienced brand like Doimo Cityline, which offers you splendid modular solutions that grow together with your children: among the many Doimo Cityline proposals you will surely find your teen's dream bedroom!

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Space yes… especially for creativity!

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You already know the “adult” fundamentals: a comfortable bed, a large wardrobe, a bright desk. But have you ever thought about those of your little one? There are many solutions that can stimulate your imagination: wardrobes, beds, desks and colorful, comfortable and comfortable furnishings in which to spend many carefree moments. It's time to indulge yourself!
It is important that in your children's bedroom there is room for everything: clothes, toys but above all that there is room for creativity, to entertain children with always new games that only the imagination can create!

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Safety, first quality materials and colors: a winning combo!

Children put a strain on household items, you know. And if they are those of the environment they use most - alone and in the company of friends - the fact that they are resistant and safe becomes an absolute priority. Therefore, always choose top quality materials, certified and simulated by the simulation of a spaceship or a pirate ship!

Doimo Cityline offers much more than simple furniture: thanks to a constant collaboration with architects and designers, it provides design support to meet all furnishing needs, with beautiful and also functional solutions. Design, practicality but also a lot of quality: the Doimo Cityline children's bedrooms are made with first choice materials, such as p2 carb ecopanels, a material with a formaldehyde content significantly lower than the limits imposed by European regulations.

And now it's time for colors! Yes to pastel, soft and relaxing colors such as green, blue and beige. And also to the bright colors, the blue that soothes and the orange that stimulates creativity!
A good technique to guide you in the choice of colors could be to make a list of the most beautiful cabinets and accessories that you will move to the new bedroom to understand which color they can best marry with. And then of course, ask the future occupant to give you the final feedback before proceeding!

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