On January 17, many women will discover that they are pregnant. Do you know why?

Apparently January 17th is called Discovery Day, which is the day many women take a pregnancy test to find out if they are pregnant. Have you ever done it? It works like this:

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But the question is: why January 17th? Because it falls 15 days after the 2nd, according to research the National Baby Making Day, or the National Day of Conception. The same research estimates that at least 10 thousand women will take the test today! We are at the beginning of the year, those first days when we feel full of positive emotions to embark on new adventures such as that of conceiving a child. We are talking about women who want a child, and who know perfectly fertile and non-fertile days. Therefore, women who on January 2 were probably in the period of maximum fertility, near ovulation. Doing two quick calculations, January 17 falls 15 days after 2, or 15 days after ovulation! Scientific, right?