Summer nails 2019: trendy colors and summer nail art

Nails are a real business card! Well-kept hands and feet are essential to leave a good impression on those who meet us and to always feel tidy. If you work with the public or simply, you want to always be on top, you will understand what we are talking about. Having your nails taken care of is really very simple and no matter the length or personal tastes, just file them and keep them clean and symmetrical, perhaps applying a top coat to strengthen and protect them. In terms of styling, the 2019 trend says this season's nails are short and manicured. No more stiletto claws, uncomfortable and passé.
But before choosing the right nail polish here is a little review on how to apply it perfectly:

If you too hate chipped nail polish and like to always experiment with new colors and new beauty trends, we reveal all the summer nail trends of 2019. From the most articulated nail art to the super easy to achieve, from fluo to the new generation of nude colors , inspired by the delicate shades of coral, discover the trends of the moment and how to have perfect nails this summer!

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Sea-themed: top nail trends 2019

Dedicated to all lovers of the marine style. Good news: summer 2019 will prefer it on nails, but also in furniture and on canvas bags! All shades of blue, stripes, fish, boats, sand and embossed decorations. If you want to create one, we suggest starting with a blue base, like Opi's, (for € 13.95 on Amazon).
Scarlet red and white are also inevitable to draw anchors and lines or to create a degradé that recalls sea water.
If, on the other hand, you like more daring decorations, go for gold and stickers.

> Gold stickers with fish for € 3.10 + shipping on Amazon
> Postquam chalk white nail polish for € 8.52 on Amazon

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Dots: the charm of simplicity

If you love a sober manicure but would like to give it that extra edge, here is the right trend for you: the summer nails of 2019 are not very colorful but with a small dot at the bottom of the nail. A minimal reinterpretation of polka dot nails, too girly for some.
The coolest (and fastest!) Is the one with transparent nail polish and a tiny black dot, but you can decide which bases and colors to use and where to place the dots. You just need two glazes of different colors and a toothpick to draw the dots.
Remember to secure everything with a top coat like Rimmel's for € 7.65 on Amazon.

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Coral and peach: the new nudes

For this summer you can say goodbye to nude pink and beige. We already know that living coral is the color of 2019 and we have seen it everywhere in recent months. Obviously, enamel cannot be missing, on the contrary! Coral is the true nude of this season. Especially in shades that tend towards pink and not red, including peach pink. Try coral to give your nude look a twist. Extremely refined but trendy.

> Rimmel Rita Ora coral pink nail polish at € 1.69 on Amazon
> Essie peach nail polish for € 7.95 on Amazon

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Tutti frutti: the summer nails par excellence

In addition to the beach and the beautiful days, there is another reason why we all look forward to summer every year: fruit! Cherries, peaches, watermelon and tropical fruits are among the loved ones. That's why 2019 summer nails are inspired by fruits! Colorful and cheerful, the perfect manicure for those who love color and don't take themselves too seriously.
A little more difficult to make, they require a firm hand and a lot of imagination. Surely you will need a green nail polish, present in almost all fruits, or you can use the very comfortable stickers!

> Layla emerald green nail polish for € 5.47 on Amazon
> Stickers with fruit for € 9 on Amazon

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Fluorescent yellow: if not in summer, when?

Fluorescent colors are like this: either you love them or you hate them!
Wearing them is really very difficult, outside the gym. But when you love them you have to be very careful to dose them at best and not to overdo it because the line between kitsch and chic is very thin.
Using them for manicures is a great compromise, especially in summer, when everything is allowed and when tanned skin and simple white dresses allow you to show off even a difficult color like fluorescent yellow.

> Bahia Nails fluo yellow nail polish for € 3.99 on Amazon

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