Sex: screams increase pleasure

The study found that the most satisfied are those who, regardless of neighbors and across the street, speak loudly during sex. This is especially true for women who, thanks to the greater presence of nerve endings in the genital area, would potentially be able to reach higher pleasure peaks.

It should also be noted that often women, to facilitate the pleasure of the partner, do their utmost in screams and cries of satisfaction even more marked. According to the hypothesis of the scholars, who interviewed 71 women on the subject, it would be a behavior decided in a rational way to favor the orgasm of the partner, whose self-esteem will certainly be gratified by this choice.

But there is also another interpretation: the generosity in terms of sound performance on the part of women would also underline how the latter would be equally satisfied by a similar behavior on the part of men, who tend to be more "silent".

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