Which intimate cleanser to use? Pay attention to the Ph!

Knowing the PH is essential to choose which intimate cleanser to use.

PH is a physical quantity that indicates the acidity (and therefore also the basicity) of substances. The PH of our intimate parts is not always the same and varies according to many physical factors, first of all age, but also pathologies, hormonal changes and external conditions. PH is a determining factor: respecting it is the main task of an intimate cleanser, especially for children and adults with sensitive skin. Obviously the PH is not the only factor, although so important, in choosing your intimate cleanser.
It is also good to consider its composition: for example Neutromed has created a line of intimate cleansers targeted for every need, for an intimate without make-up. The Neutromed detergents are in fact with fragrance without allergens, without artificial colors and are specially designed to respect the physiological PH.

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The intimate cleanser for children to use.

Even for the little ones intimate hygiene is important, as well as a good habit to learn from the first years of life. And since the little ones have a particular need to strengthen their intimate defenses, it is advisable to use it for the intimate hygiene of children. a cleanser with an intimate soothing action, able to ensure maximum respect for the physiological PH. Just like the Neutromed intimate cleanser with Micellar Complex, in the Tolerability variant, which performs a "rebalancing action and is also suitable for children, from 3 years.

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Change the PH, the most suitable intimate cleanser also changes.

During maturity, the PH of the intimate parts change, the needs change and naturally it is also necessary to change the intimate cleanser by focusing on a product with a light texture capable of purifying with the utmost delicacy, such as the Micellar Purity variant of Neutromed. This cleanser not only removes impurities but also gives a pleasant and immediate feeling of freshness that lasts for a long time.In addition, the intimate cleanser Micellar Purity has a pH of 4.5 which makes it ideal in fertile age and maturity, even for daily use.

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When there are discomfort, choose a specific intimate cleanser.

There are various moments in life, in which our private parts require greater protection. We talk about all those moments characterized by irritation, dryness, intimate itching and other annoyances. In these conditions it is essential to choose an intimate cleanser such as Neutromed Micellar Complex in the Delicacy variant, designed to offer effective and delicate protection. This intimate cleanser offers much more delicate protection and a protective action that can help prevent irritation. The pH of the Delicate Micellar Complex Intimate Cleanser is 4.5 and this version is also ideal for daily use and specifically for women of childbearing age. that need maximum protection.

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